Newport Photos


"The Board Bandit" @ Blackies


Analog's Geoff Moysa, known for being one of the first ones in the water most mornings, pulls one of the first airs of the New Year.

New Year's Morning... in Newport


San Diego Volcom Pro surfer Roger E., pulling big snaps behind the board cam... @ 32nd


A couple that surfs together stays together

Mike M. & Sunshine, together in Newport


If you'd forgotten what a toastie warm surf session looks like....

here's a reminder.

Newport's favorite bartender, R. P.. Slicing through warm Newport.



"Happy Feet"... in Newport


A Little bit of Trestles Love... @ Lowers


Driving through the second base bowl... @ 5-6.


There's no money or point involved, but it's serious non the less...

@ The Newport Recreational Surf Comp.


"Dancing in the Dark"... @ Blackies


OK, so Newport does get good...


Oneill's Nick J., dead set on destroying 54th... in Newport


Five girls under 8 years old. Two boys under 6. Four dads, and a huge stack of boards. A few of us Newport fathers took our kids last a while back on their first ever surf camping trip. As luck would have it the camp ground had wireless internet access, and one of the guys on the trip was Newport legend, and former Surfing Magazine editor, Skip Snead... who's graciously agreed to write a little "Hotshot" for that day.

I tell you, this Tom Cat is one funny dog. First he invites a slew of us to go on a little surf camping trip, then he asks me to write the Hot Shot for the day. Gnarls fer sure 'cause I really don't know what to write ... other than this is the best surf trip I've ever been on and I haven't even caught a wave by myself. See, we're camping with the kids... we've got a few 12-foot surfboards, a few pig boards, a couple boxes of Pop Tarts, a case of Newcastle and plenty of firewood. And like the fire, we're stoked. I 'spoze what it all comes down to is passing the stoke of surfing on to the next generation... and we're doing that this weekend ... tonight, under the stars .. to the crackling sounds of the fire and that damn generator over in Campsite #128. Thanks Tom for bringing us along... hopefully the next camp out's going to be next summer at Scorpion Bay! This time we're leaving the kids at home.... wait, did I say that???

Skip Snead, still able to squeeze a little life out of this 10 year old 5'5" fish....


We had offshore winds a couple weeks ago, if we only had surf to go along with them...

September, 2004... in Newport


You do not want to drop in on this guy!

Darth Vader... @ Blackies



CDMHS's Dillon, sliding down a textured wall... @ 5-4.


Did you Vote on Election Day?

"Bones" elected to pull in, and...

Evan M. elected to throw big fans of spray... @ 5-4


52nd St. kingpin Tim M., coming back from the Catalina Tiki Fest


R.S. ... Excited about Quiksilver's summer movie nights at the Balboa Pier!


AAAHHH... Summer in Newport


Another quiet 4th of July in Newport


The groms are out of school and the surf is going to be far more crowded now. So a few of us came up with an idea of keeping the groms out of the water and on the beach when the surf gets good in Newport this summer. We're just not sure how legal it is...

@ 5-4


One of the greatest things about being a dad is sharing the beauty of the ocean with your kids...

Summer & Trent C... @ 32nd


In Newport...


Playing around in the white water @ The Wedge


Big Hit on a Big Board... @ Little Blackies


"The Poorman" excited about Quik's Movie Night.


What they neglected to teach this girl learning to surf is... to get out of a wetsuit.


The next Surf Champ??

Everyone has to start somewhere... @ 2006 BoardFest

Pirates passing by Newport...


Everyone needs a little love... in Newport.

(Photo courtesy of "Spides")


Adam P. "Speed blur"... @ 5-4.


A few feet overhead... @ The Wedge...


After being away at college for the past few years, Billabong's Pat T. has moved back to Newport..

Pat T., soaring back over familiar territory... in Newport.


Will A., one of the new team members of AtWater. What's AtWater you ask? It's something you, your friends, and the surf industry will be talking about very soon.


Mike, Sector 9's Super rep. laying out a Super Serious gouge...



This kid has gone from lower jetty beginner, to upper jetty standout in just a few years.
Factor 5-4 team member Regan R., carving up 5-4.


Worshipping Cordell Surfboard Art... @ 5-4

Thickness... in Newport.


Yea he made it... @ The Wedge


Happy Magazine Editor Joey M., happy to be pulling into waves like this,

unhappy he snapped 2 boards doing it...


I'm adamant about not shooting on cloudy days, but after a week of overcast morning skies, and firing combo swells in Newport, I ignored the poor lighting recently and shot what I could.

They ought to call him Chad Hobgood...

Chad L., Front foot firmly planted, and driving through yet another barrel... in Newport.


Yeah people come to The Wedge hoping to see someone make the drop on a big bomb... but what they really want to see is this...

someone not making the drop on a big bomb...


Local longboard surf star Alex K. getting a helping hand with his nose riding... @ Blackies.


Even small wave surfing requires concentration... @ Blackies



The road to becoming a surfer... starts @ Blackies


Knees level with shoulders, front foot firmly planted, weight shifted to back leg, eyes focused down the line...

Possible World Champ in training... @ Blackies.

Groms will do anything to win free stuff...


Slicing an egg... guy @ 5-4. Photo by Kiefer.


Break out the beer and champagne... It's time to celebrate!

Newport has surf again!... @ 5-6.


Your going to need a lot of these...

...if you plan on trying to surf a lot of these.... @ Cylinders


This guy was charging down the line on the Northside of 56th, boosted an air over the rocks, and landed on the south side of the jetty!... or maybe not


Early August 2003...

Early August 2004

Early August 2005... in Newport


Reason #401 of why last summer sucked!

Quik teamrider, SurfSide Sports team manager, and forever grom... Hoyer @ 50th.


Nathan P. finds a bowl amongst the slop, and drives through it...@ 56th.


Imagine having this thing drop in on you... @ Huntington.

(Photo by Kiefer)


Who says the surf doesn't get crowded on weekdays?

3's a Crowd... @ 5-4


Many in town have just about given up on the clouds and murky water ever clearing, and the surf ever getting really good again. Wishing, hoping, and praying for the warm summer surf season to kick into high gear just has not worked!

As a last resort, we now call on you Superman...

Please bring us a hurricane swell, and make the clouds and murky water go away!


Another 4th of July with no surf...

Another quiet 4th of July in Newport.


Mothers' Day was the one day of the year that ...

you shouldn't have dropped in on your mom

Rusty & Candi S. Sharing, on Mothers' Day. @ 32nd


"Alley Opp", "Air Reverse", "Hang Ten"...

A couple of the local longboard rippers appear to be working on a new surf maneuver of their own...

"The Running Man"


This wave was made possible by a large storm in the southern hemisphere,

and not by a large boat.

Last week I posted the below Hotshot, and got a lot of emails asking me if that boat really made that wave. Sorry it's not true, just a poor attempt at humor. How cool would it be if it was possible though. For one the NSSA, WQS and WCT contests circuits would never have to deal with holding their events in small surf again! The locals at Rincon could use a boat to produce surf during the flat summer months, the locals at Malibu could use a boat to produce surf during the small winter months. And yes those that surf Newport could coax some affluent Newport yacht owner into helping us produce waves like this at the Wedge...

Fed up with Newport's recent lack of surf, a couple of guys that are out of school for Spring Break this week came up with a pretty good idea. They coaxed one of their dads into motoring his boat back and forth off of 18th St yesterday. Surprisingly it made for a pretty good wave!

Quiksilver team rider "Bones", wake surfing @ "The Point"


Confused, Backwards & Upside Down... The guy, serious about Newport surfing.

(Costume Contest... photo taken by Dick McCoy...and shot with film!)


It's one thing when your mom surfs as good as you do...

It's another when your mom surfs better than you do.

XXL Contender and Pipeline Longboard Champ. Kim H. @ Blackies


5'11 Wing Fish, 6'6 Retro 5 Fin, 9'0 Triple Asymetrical Hydro Hill, 4'7" Canoe...

If it floats, you can be sure someone is trying to ride a wave on it at Blackies.


Kenny, charging on his 12ft shortboard.


One of the few places in town they can't nail you for speeding...

Speeding @ 28th


I headed to South Coast Plaza to do my Christmas shopping. Yah I know I'm a little late...The parking lot was packed with cars, and the one spot I zeroed in on was stolen from me. The large crowds in each store were pushing and grabbing everything to the right and left of them.And the long lines were full of impatient people waiting to pick off whatever they could, and move on for more...But none of it bothered me, I'm used to these type of crowds, I surf Newport.

A flying red and white sleigh??? It's too early for Santa... It must be...Archy @ 5-4


As this guy goes over the falls... Somewhere in that mound of white water, his board's stringer is bending, the foam blank is cracking, the glass job is shattering and... The board is breaking... @ 50th.


Because of the recent run-off, the waters of Newport have become filled with Pollutants, Carcinogens & Toxins. Orange County Hazmat sent a crew member to Blackies Sat. to clean things up. Because of the dangerous surf however, the poor guy almost drowned.

Luckily Superman was there to save him!! Thanks Superman!!



With only minimal wind swell to mix things up in Newport, steep long interval souths tend to run down the beach, and often close-out.

John H. feeling the frustration of Newport close-outs, and Mike E. feeling the pain.



Step Into Liquid...... @ 48th.


The hope was that Sunday's combo swells would have been bigger. The SW and predominate windswell did offer up the occasional wedging peak for the upper jetty crew to boost airs on however...

Backside Air by Daniel..............Frontside Boost By Reed



NHHS's Nathan S. takes an early morning bite out of 5-4.

If you pull up to 54th St. between 6:30am and 8:30am Tues or Thurs. mornings, and witness boards and spray flying through the air, it's because NHHS's surf team class is in session! The Harbor crew is a hungry bunch, and take apart anything that even resembles a wave. What can you do to avoid the crowd those mornings? Paddle out at 8:31.



Do this at the Wedge, and the bodyboard crew will shake their heads, and hope you go away. Do this at Blackies and the parking lot crew will wonder what the hell you just did. Do this at 5-4 and you might get a sponsor and a cover shot. Do this when some fool is standing on a ladder with a camera and you end up here. Duddy @ 5-0


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