Photo Shoots for Surfline

The low down on surfboard shapers around Newport.

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A few of the good people that produce your great boards. In Newport.


Today is International Surfing Day! You must surf today, it's a state law. Well sort of... And you don't want to break the law do you?

So, tell your boss, your wife, your significant other, that you have something important to do today! And go surf!

For more info on this monumental day of the year... Click the photo below.

Surfing, somewhere in Newport...


Is a swell really a swell, if there's no Surfline Swell Feature?

Click here to see a few photos from the past few week's swells...

Everyone in town loves Hurricane Swells!


What does it have that Newport doesn't? We'll, ah, a World Class reef break...

Cick the image below to find out about Encinitas's and it's premiere shapers.

If only Newport had just one of these... Swami's Reef, Encinitas.

(Photo Copyright Cozad)



Big Swell = Big Surfline Photo Feature.

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J.O.B. about to become one with the Wedge...



Holiday Swell = Surfline Holiday Swell Feature.

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Groms love the holidays!


A lot of surf the past month means only one thing. A Surfline Swell Feature.

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September was good to Newport... Enough said.


Click the image below for a slideshow of the recent string of California swells...

Far to the North of Newport, Last Wednesday.


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Newport's Eric A., no holds barrel. Southern Hemi "Opening Week". Last Thursday. Newport.


Where was the surf good on the West Coast last week? Everywhere...

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Leave the 5'10" at home.... Last week.

(photo copyright Cozad)


The surf has been non-stop. It started over a week ago, and has no signs of letting up anytime soon.

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Not Newport....


Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

For a slideshow of last weekends $50,000 VQS event at 54th st. click the image below...

Mr. Post, 2025 VQS Pro Am Champion.


Friday, Jan. 15th, 2009

Click the image below for a big swell preview...

Alex Gray negotiating the boil


Monday, Feb. 15th, 2010

Carlos Burle, Maverick's Surf Contest, last Saturday.

Click the image above for coverage on the event.

(photo copyright T. Cozad)


Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Between the semis and the finals of every big wave event there's about a 30 minute break where they tally up the semi final scores, and allow the competitors that made it into the final time to rest a bit, before they have to paddle back out. During that time there is always a large crew of free surfers that paddle out and grab everything that comes in. Some of the crew are on it because pointed at the break are still cameras, video cameras, big wave chargers, contest directors and surf industry and magazine guys... all watching the line-up. And for these nameless chargers it's a big opportunity to get noticed.

For a Surfline slideshow of the Todos Big Wave Event, click the image below...

Todos, about to devour another victim...17 y.o. Jeff Newell Sunday.

Greg Long and Gary Linden, celebrating that they pulled off a big wave event at Todos..

(Copyright T Cozad 2010)

Click the image below for editorial and images from last weeks memorial paddleout for

Newport's Mike Marshall

Mr. Mike Marshall's Memorial Paddleout

April 8th, 2010

Special thanks to Newport Pier Seafood for their roof access.

Special thanks to Lorin Ely-McGregor (LE-Creative.com) for the above photo merge


Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2010

Click the image below to see what the swell of the year, so far, did up and down the Pacific Coast last weekend.

Before the Circus arrived.

Last Saturday, Jan 23rd, 2010, 7:40 am


Obviously Newport's Alex Knost is a freak of nature on a longboard, but he is also incredibly cordial in the water.... and seems as talented in his art and music as he is in his surfing.

When I heard Water Magazine was doing a feature on him last summer... I asked if I could submit, as I've shot him for many years. So I dug into my archives, and spent the morning chasing him around the line-up with a camera.

Click the photo above to see the Water Magazine interview, which now includes a video of Alex surfing Newport and Trestles...


Wed. March 18th, 2009

The first solid Southern Hemi of the year has hung around for the past week... and although there was a lot of wind associated with the first half of the swell, the second half filled in along with good conditions.

Click the photo below for a slideshow of some of the California action.

Analog's Josh Hoyer... clearing obstacles in Newport.

Friday, June 19th, 2009

For a slideshow of some of the recent Southern Hemi swell action, please click the large photo below...

Happiness is Southern Hemi Swells, Happiness is being a dad!

3 days that will be remembered..

It took 6 days of planning! Shoot a big Southern Hemi swell from Malibu to Trestles in the morning. And the Hobgood brothers charging big Wedge in the afternoon. All from the air.

But then the morning of the mission dawned with light fog and gray skies. So we never made it to Malibu. And the Hobgoods couldn't find parking at the Wedge and they never made it into the water.

None the less it was possible to capture a number of interesting images during the flights. And while I was a little bummed that I didn't capture a lot of surfing, Bill Sharp said something that put it in perspective. "Who cares about surfing when nature is getting freaky?

Click the image below to view the recent swell from the air. And see a few images of the freaky things nature can do during a big swell...

For a slideshow of the recent string of South Swells, which includes images from the pack of photographers that were running around Newport, click the photo below...

An album from last week will be up Friday.


Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

For editorial and a slideshow of the Echo Beach Weekend premier party in Newport earlier this month, click the photo below...

Not everyone enjoyed the party... in Newport

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

For a slideshow of the recent Volcom Hillbilly Championships, which includes commentary from Maui's Dusty Payne, and Aussie Mitch Coleburn, click below.

Mens' VQS Championships....

Womens' VQS Championships...



Whoop, Whoop, Whoop, Whoop...

I've been on a mission to shoot the coast from a helicopter for over a year. But getting solid surf, clear skies, incredible visibility, and absolutely no wind has been frustrating and near impossible.

Last week though, Surfline forecaster Kevin Wells, deemed Monday might be the day, so I started putting everything together. The morning dawned however with clouds and inconsistent surf in our area, and it appeared like the project would be scrubbed once again. A look at the sat loop however looked like if we hauled ass north we could maybe outrun the clouds. So we went, and it paid off.

From Palos Verdes where the Lanada Bay Boys all flipped us off in unison as the we hovered over their heads, to the Ranch and Point Conception, where the best images where taken, but will never released.... It was truly an amazing experience. Thanks to everyone involved in the project.

Click the photo below to see images of the coast...

Heading to the Ranch in morning rush hour traffic.


Atlantic, Gulf, Pacific... Every U.S. coast has been getting surf in one form or another over the past few weeks. Click the photo below for a pictorial of some of the action.

Taylor Knox, taking a slice out of the Pacific...


Wed., Oct. 22th, 2008

If you're one of the growing number of people that have caught the SUP craze that's sweeping the harbor and local beaches. Click the photo below for an editorial about a new Coast Guard SUP regulation...

SUPing, in Newport

For a slideshow of surf along the California coast during the most recent swell...


Click the image below...

Wings extended, and hoping for a smooth landing...in Newport



Halloween Weekend

"Go, Go and watch the Blackies Classic 5th Anniversary Halloween Slideshow"

Click the photo...


PWC use is now heavily restricted in the Monterey Bay area, the home of both Ghost Trees and Mavericks...

Click the image below for the story...

@ Maverick's.


Sept 5th, 2008

Want to know what to expect for surf in Orange County this month?

Click either one of the photos below and find out...

Taj Burrows at the San Deigo - Orange County border.

(photos copyright Tom Cozad 2008



Oakely Newport Pro 08'

All eyes on the Newport Pro


The final word about the circus...

It's "Nathaniel Curran against some French guy"... was how the "Poorman" described it as he was filming a segment for his show Bikini Beach during the final of the U.S. Open. And if you didn't see the final, all you missed was a couple WQS work horses staring at a nearly flat ocean for 30 minutes.

Nate was ahead throughout the final against the Frenchmen, and like he had done against Simpo during his semi... The Frenchmen, Tim Boal, caught a mediocre wave in the last seconds of the heat and rode it to the beach.

And then everyone waited for the Frenchmen's score. and they waited. And the surfers arrived on the beach, where they were immediately surrounded by media and fans... and they waited some more. The announcers then told the crowd the computer was down and the scores would be forth coming, which wasn't exactly true. Rabbit Bartholomew, ASP director, gave the order that the contest organizers wait to announce the winner on the podium.

So with the competitors standing at the water's edge awaiting some kind of answer....and the media and photogs requiring some kind of a winner... It was somehow decided that Nate was it, and he was chaired by his crew, and the typical final heat chaos ensued.

Who is this Frenchmen Tim Boal? Click one of the photos below and find out.

Nathanial with brother Tim Curran, looking for an answer...


Thursday, July 31st, 2008


Brett Simpson was set to go to the finals of last weekend's U.S. Open after a solid performance in his semi against Frenchmen surfer Tim Boal. In the closing minutes of the heat the crowd in the stands were cheering for Brett's win, his mass of supporters at waters edge we're giddy with excitement awaiting his arrival to the beach, the media was falling over each other as they prepared to pounce on him, and "Fig", the U.S. Open's announcer, was claiming his victory. And then in the last seconds of the heat, Boal grabbed a mediocre wave, surfed it to the sand, and got the score he needed. A .07 lead over Simpo.

At the end of every heat that late in the game it gets really chaotic at the water's edge, with media and fans stumbling over each other to get to whatever surfer. But when the announcement came over the speaker that Boal got the needed score, everyone froze in disbelief. The quietness was eerie, and Simpo, arriving on shore, quickly walked past the large group of frozen zombies, without anyone moving or muttering a word.

Click the link below for editorial and a slideshow of the

Mens' 2008 U.S. Open of Surfling


Being down on the "frontlines" of the U.S. Open of Surfing, you see and hear first hand the hype that all media on the beach tries to generate. Again this year a lot of that media attention was directed towards Brett Simpson... but without a doubt the darling of this year's event was Coco Ho. You'd hear over and over from the surf and non surf media alike, how interesting she was. And truthfully all the hype is pretty well deserved. She's got the look, the personality, the pedigree, appears humble and surfs well in all types of surf...

Click the link below for editorial and a slideshow of the U.S. Open of Surfing Womens' divisions if you haven't seen it.

Womens' U.S. Open of Surfing

Coco Ho, double finalist... at the U.S. Open of Surfing



Cory Lopez

...and the result of his floater


Friday July 25th, 2008

Hurricane Swells, Tropical Storm swells, Southern Hemi Swells... The entire Pacific has been getting surf in one form or another over the past few weeks... Click the photo below for a slideshow of some of the action...

Local boost... in Mexico.


Wed., July 2nd, 2008

For a slideshow of surf action in the Pacific druing the month of June...

Click the photo below.

Early Summer time sharing... June 08', in Newport


2008 NSSA Nationals

Click the photo below for photos and editorial of the Womens' Division of the 2008 NSSA Nationals.

Praying that a few good waves will come her way... @ NSSA Nationals


Click the photo below for photos and editorial of the NSSA Mens' division

Even during contests, no wave goes unridden... @ Lowers


For 4 days over the past week Lowers was as good as it gets, And because most of the coast was closed out, everyone, including the WCT elite, showed up.

I was lucky enough to find time to shoot it 2 of those days from the water, and it was so cool to swim in nice size surf with a camera again. Look for a lot more water images from NewportSurfShots over the summer.

Click the photo below for a link to a slideshow of the Trestle's Super Sessions.

North Shore legend Micheal Ho... Making the 50 year old and over crew proud.


For photos and editorial of last weekend's Arnette Jr. Pro in Newport, click the photo below.

Arnette's Brent Beardon, Junior Pro Winner Cory Arambide, Newport groms with free stuff, and the unique Junior Pro Trophy.

Happy People... @ the Junior Pro



If you haven't seen the Surfline slideshow of early June's swells, click the photo below...

Matt Davis, stoked about the swell, not stoked about the board...


California Pro surfer Alex Gray was nice enough again this year to narrate a slideshow of photos from last weekend's Volcom World Championships, held at 54th... and it turned out pretty damn funny. Click the photo below to see the show.

Team Volcom... All pumped up!


For a slideshow of some of last weekend's south swell action, click the photo below...

Atwater's "Spides"... Throwing water... Newport


It was sketchy heading to Baja last month, as no one could guarantee what the conditions would be like in the morning. I'd just gotten back from Hawaii the night before, and wanted to just stay home, relax and surf the building swell. But when I was offered a ride "South of the Border", and a boat to shoot from... and then heard about the Tanner Bank buoy readings... I had to go!

Click the photo below to see some of the action from "South of the Border" during the recent swell.

10ft X 10ft...


If you haven't seen Surfline's slideshow of early Spring in California. Click the photo below.

Springing into Spring @ Lowers.


For a slideshow of some of last weekend's surfing action throughout the state, click the super exciting high action photograph below.

Tractors in a field... in Nor Cal


For photos and editorial of the 2008 Mavericks Surf Contest click the photo below

@ Mavericks

(Photo Copyright Tom Cozad 2008)


Check the albums section for the album "Sept. in Newport" shot last week, and click "Watch Dotphoto Show" to view the slide show. Also click the link below, to view Surfline's pictorial of September surf on the west Coast, if you haven't already seen it.

September Session

Newport's Joey Head recently recovered from a torn meniscus, in his knee. I'm sure his orthopedic surgeon is glad he's been taking it easy...



During the peak of the recent combo offshore wind swell, Plans were made for me to shoot the surf from a helicopter, but 10 minutes from the airport I got shut down. I had tons of camera gear, photo memory to the hilt, and was amping to shoot. So I decided instead to shoot the crap out of everywhere in Newport I could think of. It started in the morning trying to stay dry while shooting from the end of one of the jetties, and ended in the afternoon, while shooting from the now dented roof of my truck. I got so much amazing stuff, for a kook photog like me.

For a short slideshow of the day, click the photo below, and read a little about why the heli got grounded. Also thanks to the Newport crew that had planned for the copter's arrival, and to "BirdDog" at HBpeir.com for rounding up the Huntington crew for the shoot. Hopefully I'll be in the air one day in the near future.

From the ground... in Orange County


For info. on the proposed 241 Toll Road, and to see an artist rendition of what the highway would look like running through the San Onofre Park area, click the photo below.

This is the only thing that should be speeding through the San Onofre State




The Rob Machado Experince

I've shot a lot of events over the years, I recently did the funnest shoot I've ever done. The Rob Machado Surf Experience went down at Seaside Reef in San Diego. There was Pat O., Rob, Simpo, little groms charging, sponsored and unsponsored heats, an afro expression session, ... and I got to see me little kids surf the contest and have a blast... to cool!

Have Fro, will rip... in San Diego.

Click the photo below for the action.

Hurley team manager Pat OConnell, more than a little excited about the event.


For a glimpse of what the surf during the month of November might be like, click the photo below

...In California


The beginning of September went off in Southern California. Solid south, wind swell bump, warm weather, and windless days. Click the photo below to see a Surfline pictorial of the event.

Darren Brillhart, enjoying the view... in Newport.


BoardFest 07

One of my favorite events to shoot in the summer is the Huntington Beach BoardFest. I get to run around and shoot a few cool lifestyle photos, see my daughter surf in the BoardFest surf clinic. Newport's Erica Hosseini surf in the Pro-Am contest, and Newport's Kaleigh Gilchrist win her division. The BoardFest is a testament of the great surfing, skating and snowboarding that women are currently doing, and the crew that puts it on every year does an awesome job.

For a pictorial of the Labor Day Weekend BoardFest, click the photo below.

BoardFest founder and coordinator Holly Beck... in the spotlight, in H.B.

Click below for a pictorial of the first NW swell of the season

"Sunrise at the Pier"... in Huntington



For me the only way not to go nuts shooting while everyone else is scoring is to get completely surfed out before an epic swell arrives. So for the past week I've been trying to surf my brains out... Anyway, people ask how I handle missing out, so that's what I do. This coming combo swell looks to be epic!

For a little info about "Combo Swells", click the link below.

Combo Swell

CDMHS's Max, doesn't need a combo swell to throw a big turn... This week in Newport



Click the photo below for a Halloween surf slideshow

Local Vampire Kerry Pedlow... Looking for victims, at Blackies.


Back in the day there was female surfer Shannon Ackerman charging big surf around Newport, Vicki Donnetelli tearing around town with her matching pink surfboard and Porsche, and Tricia Gill snagging all the runners off the lower jetties.

Today, while raising a daughter in town, it's great to see Newport has a number of excellent female role models that enjoy surfing and the ocean, and that young girls can look up to. Newport's Cathy Brunmier, Kaleigh Gilchrist, and Ericia Hosseini, to name a few.

To view a slideshow on Erica, and see what she's been up to, click the photo below.

Erica, all smiles... in Newport


If you haven't seen it.

Click the photo below for a slideshow of the last Southern Hemi swell.

Big Air... @ The Wedge

I've shot a number of Wheels 2 Water events over the last few years. It's an organization that takes individuals that have been paralyzed, out into the ocean, to ride waves.

One of the coolest things during the U.S. Open of Surfing last weekend was seeing some of those same guys from Wheels 2 Water events in the water surfing during the "Life Rolls On Expression Session". The guys charged, some took some serious spills... but each got right back onto their board and headed back out again.

I met Patrick, below, for the first time when he was 10 years old at an event at Blackies. He's a quadriplegic, the result of being run over by a car at the age of 14 months old. He's one of the nicest kids you could ever meet, and is as stoked on surfing as any young grom. Last Sunday was his 13th birthday, and not only did he get to surf in the "Life Rolls On" event, he had the honor of accepting Honda's $50,000 check to the Life Rolls On organization.

There was more than one winner at the U.S. Open of Surfing... last weekend in H.B.


For more photos and editorial of the U.S. Open of Surfing... You can click the link below.

Men's U.S. Open of Surfing

Thanks to Newport's Cameron Oden for helping me with the event on Sunday.


Last Wednesday was one of those 8 days of the year that Newport actually gets really good. It was beyond crowded though, and the beach was lined with surf photogs, each shooting the talent they had brought... So I didn't shoot that day, and went and surfed somewhere instead, which is kinda dumb of me I guess. Thursday however the crowd had mellowed at Newport's famous sandbar, most of the photogs had moved on to invade somewhere else, and there was still a bit of combo swell left, NewportSurfShots.com's camera was there.

Click the link below for a slide show of last weeks action throughout Southern California. with Newport photos taken by super photog Tom Carey on "Perfect Wednesday", and mine from Thursday.

Summertime Super Sessions

Maui's Granger Larson, laying into Newport...


2007 Honda Women's U.S. Open of Surfing


NSSA Nationals 2007

This year's NSSA Nationals has come and gone, and Lowers is now back to it's crowded, busy and chaotic self. A lot of interesting things went down at this year's event, here are a few impressions.... Nike turned the beach into a bit of a circus, Coco Ho ripped and will one day be National Champ, as soon as Carrisa Moore retires. Surf coaches need to teach how to avoid interference. Kolohe Andino hates to lose! The boys division groms have just as much fun playing on the beach together, as they do competing together. Frequent Newport surfer Konoa Igarashi needs a wider board so he can fit more sponsor's stickers on it. Newport's Kaleigh Gilchrist could have done well, if her entry had not arrived after the deadline. The Hawaiians are extremely supportive of each other, and rip... all of them! And I don't care how good of a surfer you are, Carrisa Moore surfs better than you!

For links to editorial of last weekend's NSSA Nationals, and a humorous pictorial of the Volcom Women's Surf Team on a cloudy, crappy and cold spring day at 54th St., click the links below.

NSSA Mens'

NSSA Womens'

Volcomettes in Newport

Guess which competitor he's rooting for? Newport's Mike Doheny... @ Lowers

If you checked the Lower Jetties recently, and thought you saw Pipe Master's Champion Jamie O'Brien playing around on a soft board in the small surf... you were not hallucinating. Click the link below...

A Breath of Fresh Air

Jamie O'Brien... @ 28th.


NSSA Nationals 07' Preview

Great prizes, complimentary food, free giveaways, and a tent to watch the action from...

A Groms life is good...


Surpassing a crew of international groms that included Kalohe Andino, John John Florence & Luke Davis to name a few... Newport's Victor Done set Huntington Beach ablaze Monday and walked away with 2nd place at Quiksilver's "King of the Groms" Skins event held at Goldernwest St. Click the link below for editorial and photos of the event.


Victor, carving another money turn... in Huntington

Will hurricanes ravage Baja this summer? Will the Wedge get giant again this season? Will The Point break, and will everyone in Southern California show up to surf it? Click the below link and find out what the forecasters are saying about the summer hurricane season.


EPAC Hurricane Season

Ahhhh, Biggum Surf.... in Newport


What's up with all the cold water in May!!???

Click the photo below and find out...

Tyler, still hanging tough in his fullsuit... in May


Surfline Womens'... Big Names and Big Bucks

Surfline Mens'... Hippies Invade Newport!

Last year's VQS Pro-Am winner, and this years' Pro-am runner-up.

Killian Garland... back for more contest surfing... in Newport


Barrels for Breakfast. For a short slideshow... Click albums, Click the album "Barrels for Breakfast" & Click "Watch the Dotphoto Show".

Excited about Breakfast...

For slideshows of the Super Swell, Click the links below

The Giant Swell Preview...Part 1

West Coast Goes Off... Part 2

West Coast Goes Off... Part 3

West Coast Goes Off... Part 4


Surfline's Year in Review

One of the biggest events of 2006 was the sudden closing of Clark Foam...

For 30 years, this is where all the Clark Foam blanks were made. Luis Barajas, a factory employee who had been there since day one, walks out of the warehouse for the last time.

(Photo copyright Tom Cozad for Surfline.com)


VANS Classic 2007

For photos and editorial of the Van's Pier Classic... Click the 2 links below.

Winner of the Van's Mens' Micah Byrne and...

Winner of the Van's Womens' Ornella Pelizare


With only 2 weeks left in the waiting period, it appeared there might not be a Maverick's Contest to shoot in 2007, damn!!! So, eager for some kind of shoot outside of Newport, I asked Surfline if I could do a photo pictorial...

Standing on the dark bluff of San Clemente State Park at 6:00am, with a thick overcast marine layer overhead, and what appeared to be a south wind in my face, I was about to call the Trestles shoot I'd put together off. I was warned that there might be morning fog, overcast skies til noon, and blown out conditions early at the famous break... and it looked like it could happen. I was up though, and somewhere other than Newport for once... so I held my breath, took my chances and made the phone calls... and boy I'm glad I did!

Click the link below for some of Wednesday morning's action...

"Opening Day @ 2007 Lowers

Newport's Randall Taylor, laying down a thick layer... @ Lowers


I was asked to go to Laguna and shoot a fairly publicized Trestles Toll Road protest put on by Dana Point High School... For sure tons of people from up and down the coast will be there in support of their beloved break I thought. So I took my family to show them what a big demonstration is like. Surprisingly however only a handful of people showed, go figure. For the latest on the "Saving Trestles", click the link below.

Trestles Toll Road

Newport legend, and Todos charger Corky C... Laying down Tracks.

@ Trestles.


A Surfline.com slide show of the Blackies Classics Halloween Surf event can be found by clicking the photo below.



For photos of the Newport Recreation surf contest awards. Go to the albums section, click the album Newport Contest Awards, click your photo, click "File" in the upper left corner of your computer, and then click "Save". It should save to you computer...

Nate Yeomans, Happy about winning his award...

Oakley Pro Junior &

Jeep Newport Pro


I was regretting agreeing to shoot the final day of the "Girls BoardFest" in H.B. over Labor Day Weekend. Women surfing a contest at 2 ft. blown out Huntington, how was I supposed to make that look interesting. As it turns out there was a lot of cool stuff to shoot... Photos from the BoardFest can be found at the link below, and check out the slide show of the event now in NewportSurfShots.com's album section.

"Family Coaching"...

@ the "Girls BoardFest"


Surfline's slideshow of the "Girls BoardFest" that happened over the Labor Day Weekend, is up. Click the link below...

Snow in Huntington?

It's good to have a coach when you're charging the Huntington shorebreak.


This photo sorta tells the story of the surf during the last week of October in Newport. There was a lot of swell, but there was also quite a few days in Newport that were really inconsistent, closed out, and with high tide crumble. None the less, during those days, dozens of people patiently sat at the end of various jetties and waited for set waves, hoping to grab the rare one of the bunch that ran far down the beach. As you can see by the guy in the foreground, this is one of those good shaped ones that everybody wanted.

If you haven't already seen it... Click the photo above to see a Surfline slideshow of some of the surf along the coast during the month of October.



If you haven't already seen it, click the link below and check out Surfline's slideshow of the first big winter swell of the season.

West Coast Wonderland

Former Oneill brand manager Eric V., wondering when Newport is going to get this good again. December


Click below for Surfline's 10 tips on scoring winter surf in California...

Golden Rules

Scoring winter surf in Newport, January 2007




Click below for a slideshow of some of the best surf of the summer of 2006

Lovin Summer

Ryan Sakal, hoping for a soft landing...


If there's ever a week you don't want to live in Huntington! During the U.S. Open is it.

U.S. Open Of Surfing

Let the madness begin... in Huntington Beach

The guy in the white mask... to funny. A guy from my work came by my house a few years ago and brought a couple friends, the guy in the mask and the guy standing next to him. We jumped on bikes and did the bar tour, and they were absolutely the funniest guys ever, just completely out of control. The next morning we paddled out and surfed some pretty big winter surf and the guy in the mask charged. Come to find out he's from Mainland Mex, by Puerto Escondido somewhere, and surfs some really big surf down there. At the time they were both looking for work in the states, but hadn't come up with anything. A while later they stopped by and told me they had found the perfect job. The guy in the mask became a pro wrestler, the other guy his promoter, full on Nacho Lebrie. Anyway, if you were at the U.S. Open last year you undoubtly saw some of their wild promotional antics, and I wouldn't be surprised if their back again this year.


H.B. local Dodger Kremel, a little excited about being the 2006 U.S. Open Longboard Champion.

For additional photos and editorial of the event click below

Triple Play

(A big thanks to Kiefer for helping me cover the event)


Click the link below for more action from the 2006 NSSA Nationals...

Full Ride


It's that time of year again! The NSSA Nationals are currently happening at Lowers. Quite a few surfers from Newport are in the comp. Look for Newport standout Andrew D. to go hard for a win this year in the Junior Division. And Newport's Kaliegh G., who placed 4th overall in her first year of NSSA competition this season, to give the girls a run for their money. Good luck to all of those competing!

Click the links below for previews of both the men and women competitors, And check back to NewportSurfShots.com next week for a link to editorial, photos and a full rap up of the event.

Mens' Preview

Womens' Preview

Andrew D. scoring big... @ last years' NSSA Nationals

NSSA Nationals

Casey Brown winner of the NSSA Open Mens' National Championships...

until he got an interference in the last few minutes of the final.

Click the links below to photos and editorial of the event.

Surfline.. Mens

Surfline... Womens



Clay Marzo blew up in his semifinal, and seemed destined to win this year's NSSA Nationals once again. So as the coveted Opens Mens final was about to begin, I walked to the far far north end of Lowers, so I could get some good front lit shots of Clay taking the lefts apart. Maybe Clay peaked in the semi, maybe the bit of north wind that was on the peak threw him off, but Clay never got his waves, and he was therefore denied a second consecutive NSSA title.

Casey Brown on the other hand went mental, throwing it straight up backside and easy looked to be this years' National Champ, until he haggled for a wave he didn't really need and got an interference in the few remaining minutes of the heat. This left 2nd place Kekoa Cazimero from Hawaii to move into first, and win the covered NSSA National crown.

The one surfer who outperformed everyone throughout the final day in my book however was Dusty Payne. Super smooth, unbelievably quick, and blowing his tail out time and time again. And although he picked off some of the longer waves that ran all the way down to Middles, they weren't as big as the other competitors.


Dusty P. flying down the line of another inside runner... @ Lowers



For action from the VQS World Championships click below

Jousting in Newport

The Volcom battle is over... and 54th St. has been returned to the citizens of Newport

(photo copyright Tom Cozad)

( slideshow photos copyrighted Tom Cozad... above photo by Keifer)



Minnie Driver... excited to be in front of another camera.

Shooting this year's Surfrider Celebrity Surf Jam was interesting. Squeezed between rabid hollywood paparazzi photographers and entertainment television crews was something Kiefer and I aren't used to. And while a lot was learned, I was never so happy as when the contest started, and I could climbed up on my little ladder and shoot some surfing.

On a personal note, because this shoot was committed to long ago, and held earlier in the year. I missed my nephew's high school graduation up north. So in honor of his big accomplishment I'd like to dedicate the slide show to him (the link is below)... Yea I know that's cheesy, but I'm super proud of the guy... Congrats Ian.

The Second Annual

Surfrider Celebrity Surf Jam


There are professional surfers that get swamped by surf fans when they exit the water at a surf contest. Slater of coarse is one, Tim Curran, and Rob Machado are others. At the Surfrider Celebrity Surf Jam last weekend however, surf stars were second fiddle to rock stars. Here Tim Curran quietly walks back to the contest site uninterupted, while Incubus lead singer Brandon Boyd is buried somewhere in that crowd of people....


Maverick's was really good for this year's contest and all the guys charged. Click below for a link to photos, and editorial of the event. A big thanks from me to Surfine's Marcus S. for his hospitality while we were up there, and to Kiefer for capturing great images like this one from the cliff.

On The Shoulders of Giants



For more photos and editorial of the Vans Pro go to the links below...

Surfline & Lost...

The 2006 Body Glove Surfbout


Will It Ever Stop!

21 Days of Perfection. Winter of 2006



The hardest working surfer at the 2006 Body Glove Surfbout

Alex Grey, finalist in both Body Glove Surfbout and Oakley Junior finals.

For photos and editorial of the event click below...

Dream Show


Newport big wave legend Corky C., turning off the bottom of a macker!!

Go to the Surfline link below for a slide show of some of Big Wednesday's action.

Run For The Border


For a slide show of Blackies Classic Surf & Costume Contest, Click the link below

and check the albums section for a few more photos of the action.


No costume here... A typical Newport local out for a morning swim... @ 48th.


More Wedge images, and editorial of the swell can be found by clicking the link below.

The Monster Down Under rolls into California


For photos and editorial of the Quiksilver Jr. World Championships click this link...

Dustin Payne here rips. The kid qualified to surf on the U.S. Jr. World team... In fact he won Surfing America's qualifying contest. And then he went home to Maui, and also qualified to surf on the Jr. World Hawaiian team, which he rightfully did. Without a doubt this kid, as well as his friends Clay Marzo, and Granger Larson are guys you're going to hear about for a long time.


Wheels 2 Water - They Will Surf Again

A few years ago I meet Jared below at a friends bbq. Jared was living the life in Tahoe. An extreme skier, fully sponsored, in ski videos, and just a really nice guy. Months later I heard that he had left Tahoe and moved to the South Bay to be with his fiance, and had started surfing. Unfortunately soon after taking up the sport, he was surfing Santa Monica, and hit the bottom, fracturing his cervical vertebrae. The injury resulted in permanate paraplegia, or loss of movement and sensation in his legs. Today with an extremely loving and supportive family, Jared is coping and dealing with his misfortune, and making the best of it.

Recently, Jared had the opportunity to get back into the surf and do something a little extreme again. They Will Surf Again and Wheels 2 Water held their first ever joint surfing event. For a slide show of this extraordinary event, click the link below.

And for more photos of the event check the albums sections. Where you can download the low resolution photos by clicking on the photo, clicking "File" and clicking "Save As" Or you can order a high resolution image from dotphoto. All proceeds from sales of the images will go to "They Will Surf Again" and "Wheels 2 Water". Big thanks go out to Kiefer for providing some great water shots of this very special event.


You've seen this look before, it's the same excited look surfers throughout the world get in anticipation of heading out to some good surf...

Jared... in some good surf...@ Bolsa Chica


Quiksilver Jr. World Championships Opening Ceremony

27 nations from around the world have gathered at H.B. Pier for the Quiksilver Jr. World Championships. The contest continues throughout the week with the finals on Sunday. Click the following link for a slide show of the..Opening Ceremony____________________

Each of the 27 nations brought sand from their native beaches and poured it into this etched crystal box as a sign of world unity. The teams carried the sand from their homeland in everything from tupper wear, to a plastic soda bottle. The black sand is from Tahiti, the top layer of sand from the U.S.


A link to photos and editorial of Newport's WQS contest can be found by clicking here

Launching and here Playing The Numbers

Ronnie soaring.... Sunday in the Master final of the

OP Newport Surf Classic...@ 5-6.


16 year old Kiefer has had an exciting couple of months. He's photographed major surf events, surf event parties and a surf movie premier. On his last shoot he traveled with the event coordinator to pick up Andy Irons and his girlfriend who had been flown in by helicopter. When Irons saw Kiefer he asked "who's the kid with the camera"? The response left him a little puzzled... "the kid's the event photographer". Click below and check out some photos from Kiefer's latest shoot, the Jeep/Billabong movie premier of Taylor Steel's new surf flick.

Campaign 2 Special

Kiefer, happy not to be working at a Mcdonalds....


Slater won the Boost Mobile WCT event yesterday @ Lowers. If he wins the next stop in France, he'll capture his 7th world title. Go to this link for photos and editorial of the event.. BOOST MOBILE

"Heads Up"...

Slater rips one last turn on his winning wave in the finals.


Click here for a link to photos and editorial of The Surfrider Foundation Celebrity Surf Jam

Timmy Curran... Jamming at the Surf Jam.

(A special thanks to Kiefer for helping to shoot the event!)


Check out some of the action, and editorial about last week's south swell in Southern California by clicking this link to Surfline's Article "Finally"

During last weeks swell some went through the barrel, some went around the barrel, and some went over the barre... @ "The Point"


During the U.S. Open I was shooting in front of eventual winner Julia Christain's family and friends. They were an enthusiastic and friendly bunch, and the farther she advanced towards the final, the more excited they got. Prior to her final I walked over and asked them if they'd throw Julia up on their shoulders for my camera if she won. They were game to do it.

Julia's crew is from San Diego, where it's legal to drink alcohol on the beach... and they brought some beers and champagne to pop open if she won. As the end of the final neared, and it became obvious Julia was the winner, they popped a few celebratory beers. When the final horn blew I started over to their towels, arriving just as the HBPD was walking up. The police had seen the alcohol come out, and were intent on taking action for open liquor containers on the beach.

Everyone frantically explained that their friend was now paddling in from winning the Women's U. S. Open of Surfing... The police however seemed pretty serious about the infraction, and things were a little tense as they called their superiors to see how they should handle the situation. Luckily a huge scene was overted, and the alcohol, with the exception of the champagne, was confiscated... and her friends and family went on to meet her at the waters edge

Julia Jamming... @ H.B.


Andy Irons... Winner of the 2005 U.S. Open of Surfing

For a link to editorial and photos click here Irons Wins.

(Photo by Matt P.)


Julia Christain won the U.S. Open Womens' Championships yesterday in H.B.

For editorial and a few photos of the event... Click here ShutOut


Ever wonder why we're already into mid July and we've had no epic jetties days, no large "Point" sessions, and only one lumpy "Wedge" swell? Plus why is that "June Gloom" just won't seem to go away??? Click below and find out what the leading surf forecasters, over at Surfline, have to say about it


Clear water, Solid Surf and Great Shape.

Definitely not a photo from this South Swell season.... Archy @ "The Point"


Surfing America Championships

For editorial and more photos of the event click here... The Comback Kids


Recently Quiksilver had a gathering at the Newport Harbor Nautical Museum. In attendace were Tom Carroll, and Quik excutive Bruce Raymond to name a few. Highlights of the evening were boardings of the Indies Trader, and "Orange Peel", Quiksilver's sponsored museum exhibit related to the history of Orange County surfing. Click her for a line to editorial and photos of the event... New Discovery. The surfing exhibit remeains on display until Sept... check it out if you get a chance.

This is one of Quiksilver's first lines of clothing, And the board is Quik's Danny Kwock's, which saw a lot of action around Newport in it day...

(Photo by Kiefer S.)


For a link to editorial and photos of the NSSA Nationals click below... And check NewportSurfShots.com's album of the event.

NSSA Nationals

At the NSSA Nationals Clay Marzo from Maui won the Governor's Cup, a new car, and an NSSA National Championship at Trestles. How can anyone be sure he won, when the announcement of the results, and awards banquet isn't until tonight? Because he scored 2 perfect 10's in his final... unheard of


The Volcom Rodeo

A link to editorial and fotos of the event can be found by clicking here... Wild, Wild, West

"What are you vermits looking at?...."

The Volcom Possey @ 5-4.


During the BodyGlove contest Tim Curran told his wife that he was going to throw the biggest air he could on his first wave... and he did. He tossed his body and board a couple feet over a head high wave, and landed it in the flat... at least a 6ft freefall... A score of a perfect 10! The crowd was in awe that he didn't break his board... or a leg. And then in the semifinal....

Tim Curran, Semi Final, Interference called on him, Little chance of advancing, Needs a couple giant scores, So he starts busting airs like these... and landing some of them!

For a great write up on the BodyGlove SurfBout, as well as a few NewportSurfShots.com photos from the contest, check Surfline at this link.. PEAK TIME

Special thanks to Keifer for helping me cover of the contest.


You can view NewportSurfShots.com's Maverick's Contest photos by clicking here Surfingthemag.com, and by clicking here Surfline.com.

Maverick's Gold

If you look closely in the spray. You'll see a rainbow...

Maverick's Gold



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