"The Follow Cam"

Surfing is huge, it seems like everyone is doing it, or wants to try it. And along with that there has been a tremendous amount of interet in surf photography. Today you don't even have to know how to surf to shoot surfing. Just grab a digital camera, set up on the beach, point it towards the ocean, and at 5 frames a second... you're bound to hit someone doing something on a wave. And along with this interest in surf photography there's been a proliferation of surf photo websites. Just take a look at's link page. The number of surf photo internet sites is growing exponentially. To be sure the pioneers of surf photo websites, and later Calsurfpix, must be shaking their heads wondering where all these surf photographers are coming from...

As for's photography... The goal has always been to get a surf shot that is slighty different from the digitial masses. Shooting from the ladder, shooting the Wedge at water level, and shooting from the water have been a few ways to accomplish this. And now the next thing is working on...

"The Process"

Take an "egg" shaped surfboard, weight down the tail and place a couple strips of Trak Top towards the nose. Take a plastic basket, and secure it with Duck Tape to the Trak Top. Throw an aluminum camera water housing into the basket, paddle out and drop in front of, or behind someone surfing. When dropping in grab the camera waterhousing out of the basket with your left hand, and as you make your bottom turn toss the camera into your right hand. Pump the board a few times to attain a good position, point the camera at the surfer, and fire away. When the wave closes out, pop the board over the whitewater, or else it'll rip the basket off. Paddle back out, and do it again!

The"Camera Board", Coming to a local sandbar near you.

Josh Hoyer... "Avoiding the Morning Light"... @ 5-4.


The dawn patrol crew @ Lowers are a bunch of classic guys, and were more than tolerant of some knuckle head paddling out one Sunday morning, immediately start dropping in on them, and then begin waving a camera. I was afraid I'd have a bunch of photos of snarls and growls on the faces of the people behind me, but surprisingly I got smiles and grins...

If the camera board drops in behind someone, often times people will back off and let me have the wave alone. Never thought I'd say this, but please drop in on me! And if you don't want me to drop in on you for a few photos, let me know.

If someone is going to drop in on you...

you might as well get a photo of yourself out of it... @ Lowers

The Ladder Cam

Not feeling like surfing or shooting the soft surf the other day, I decided to try something I've been wanting to do. I threw some fins on, grabbed my waterhousing and ladder, and swam out into the line-up at Blackies. When a set came in, I swam the ladder into position, shoved it underwater, ran to the top of it, and fired away at the surfer as they were rode by. Yea it's sort of the same as shooting with a pole, but way more fun trying to pull off. Anyway, surprisingly it worked, and for a first time go, the photos came out pretty good... some interesting angles for sure. Needless to say it will be tried again. So if you see some clown that looks like he's standing on water pointing a camera at you... aim for him, smile, and try not to run into him... or his ladder.

Shot from the top of the... uuuhhh... Surf Ladder Cam Thingy, @ Blackies

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