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Black Monday

NewportSurfShots.com has been up and running for nearly 12 years, with over 4,000 "Daily Hotshot" features written, and has obtained nearly 1.6 million hits. In 2003, this website was born, and while it initially was formulated to display local surf photos, it more importantly became a place to obtain information about Newport's local surf community. Newport City beach proposals were discussed, swell photos were posted, local people were featured, Newport events were covered, a bit of humor was attempted. And births, as well as announcements of those who suffered untimely deaths were reported. By the numbers, NewportSurfShots.com at its peak of popularity drew in over 3,000 viewers a day, from surprisingly every corner of the globe. And the more popular the website became, the more responsibility I felt to deliver content. But nowadays, as social media has entered our cell phones and given us instantaneous information, the need to go to a website for that same information has become unnecessary. It is for this reason that NewportSurfShots.com is going silent, and its social media love child on Facebook and Instagram, NewportSurfUnderground, has been born... Both places where you can continue to see local surf community photos and get information

NewportSurfShots.com and its archival sections currently contains a wealth of history and information. Over 12 years of local surf culture. It is for this reason that this site will still remain open for browsing. And perhaps be used at times for photo features (i.e. 4th of July!). From the bottom of my heart, I'd like want to thank everyone who bothered to click on NewportSurfShots.com over the years, for their support and encouragement... See you on Social Media.

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I've watched a lot of surfers in town grow up in the water over the years.. Each one of these guys however I've also watched grow up very closely through my lens. And it's been an honor. Except for the kid in the middle. I have no idea who the kid in the middle is...



Eric Vallely using props to disguise his secret spot. Monday, Newport Bay...


Wipeout Wednesday...

Clay Crandal... doing the spider.


Check @newportsurfunderground on Instagram today for a "Now & Then" feature.

Now... Kanoa Igarashi, yesterday in Newport... Photo Tom Cozad


Newport's Colin Moran pulled off a big win yesterday. He won 1st place, and $500.00, by taking out at a solid field of guys at The Cosmic Creek Surf Event held at Salt Creek.

Here's Colin lighting up Newport as a 12 year old grom... Circa 2006. Photo Tom Cozad


FlashBack Friday

A charity organization contacted me last year about shooting a model surfing in a wedding dress. The charity collected donated wedding dresses and shipped them to impoverished Third World countries. The year before they had shot someone snowboarding in a dress. And for their current year advertising campaign they wanted someone surfing in a wedding dress. So I donated my time, and met up with them. If they wanted to ruin an $800.00 wedding dress, so I could get photos of it, I was all for it.

The problem with the shoot however was that once the dress got wet, it weighed around 30 pounds, and the model, who surfed, didn't have the strength to stand up in it. Non-the-less, we did get some interesting images, and I'm told the advertising campaign was a succe

In Love with Surfline...



One of the nicest guys to surf with, Jordy Smith's all time best friend, and past Newport resident, Damien Fahrenfort, in Newport.



Wipeout Wednesday!

"Who put those rocks there!?"



a Wip

eout, or a well exacuted Yoga move. Clay Crandel. "The Spiderman".

Some of the Blackies Crew, excited about the Ducks! Saturday, in Newport.


If you want to make surf photography a career. Forget about that Lamborghini that you were hoping to purchase one day. But don't completely give up on the idea of a lucrative career in photography yet. The Columbia Garden's School Fundraising Center has out a great list of the vast array of different types of photography that exist today.

Click the image below to check it out!

Follow the money into fashion photography!Photo Tom Cozad



Wipeout Wednesday. Cameron Faris. Intelligent, humble and will throw himself over the ledge of massive waves at will. This is one however he wish he hadn't... Todos. Photo Tom Cozad..




Our neighbors to the North, in Sunset Beach, have sharks. And we, we have Dolphins. And that's the way we'd like to keep it.

Photo Copyright Tom Cozad


The 16th Annual Newport Classic went down at 54th St. last weekend in chunky, contestable, combo swell. Taking the covered "King Of The Peak" Graduate division was longtime Newport's Daniel Shea...

Daniel Shea didn't start doing airs yesterday. D. Shea, Age 13, Oct. 2003 Photo Tom Cozad


Flash Back Friday

In the winter of 2009 I got home from work around midnight as a massive lightening storm was moving in off the ocean. By the time I'd set my camera up on the deck to capture it. The lightening had moved a bit inland. And as I pushed the exposure button, 2 giant bolts of lightening hit. One next to Hoag, and one over by Lido. I posted the photo the next day on NeportSurfShots.com with the exact time of the strike. And I got two emails. One from someone saying that the Lido bolt of lightning had struck the mast of their sailboat, damaging it. And another from a woman explaining that at the precise time the lightening bolt struck up at Hoag, her dad had passed away there. Her and her family asked if they could purchase the photo. And needless to say, I sent them the entire photo file with my condolences.


Newport, always full of beautiful people...



You can see from this image, where the Malibu creek flows out, makes all the difference in the world to the surf. Photo Tom Cozad


The Wedge. It's got it all, almost. Bodysurfers, Bodyboarders, Skimboarders, Surfy Boards, SUP's and yes, now Soft Boards. And to the list, add that two groms that are known for charging Wedge, have bought a blow up alligators, and are planning on tandem surfing the poor animal there. Yes the Wedge now has it all, almost. Someone wake me up when Kaliegh paddles out...

Word is this guy broke an SUP on Monday. And while many in town are not a big fan of SUP's in the line-up. This guy was surfing with us a few days before the swell, and was actually pretty cool, and easy to deal with. Props to him for charging Wedge on his SUP.



Well, any guesses? Monday. Not Wedge.


There's here's plenty of time to talk about the swell. In fact it's still booming out there now...

But today we celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Viva Mexico. Viva Todos! Photo Cozad...


Everyone needs at least one legitimate big wave board, like this, in their quiver. Wedge Sunday Evening. Photo Cozad


It's On! No, not the Chili big wave event. There's no online feed for that anywhere! But the WSL XXL Big Wave Awards are tonight at the Anaheim Grove. Watch it live! Watch it on the web!.. Just watch it! And make William Sharp, and the whole WSL team that worked hard to bring it to you, really happy...

Click the image below for the XXL Website

San Clemente's Greg Long, going XXL, and Healy paddling up the face, a few years ago. This year however no O.C. surfers are nominated for any XXL awards.


300mm Lens Review... While I've accumulated a few telephoto lenses over the years. My workhorse is the Canon 300mm 2.8. Last week Canon CPS allowed me to try the new version of the lens for a day. And while I found it to be faster at spot focusing, and it seemed to produce sharper images in low light situations. I don't think it's worth the $6000 to upgrade to the newer lens. If you're thinking of getting the newer version, you might want to try it before you buy it.

RVCA's Colin Moran, throwing caution to the wind. . Last week with the 300mm 2.8 version II lens. Photo Tom Cozad


Wipeout Wednesday. At Maverick's, it's always going to hurt. Photo Cozad


It's on!

The Oakley Pro at Lowers starts today. Click the image above for the link to the event.


Yes, here we go again. May looks like it's going to start off with a bang. Last month's banger. Photo Cozad


She has won a National Surfing Title and has remained one of the very best female surfers in town for over a decade, while at the same time pursuing her passion to achieve Olympic Gold. Newport's Kaleigh Gilchrist left for New Zealand last night. She's off to compete in an Intercontinetal Water Polo tournament with Team U.S.A.. After which she will be traveling the New Zealand coast for a week to surf.

And once Kaleigh gains that Gold medal in the next Olympics, look for her to gain a spot on the Women's WSL tour. Because she's as good as the other women on tour, and she can out paddle and out swim them in big surf, like they're sitting still.

Kaliegh. Yesterday. Newport


Years ago people were so inspired by brilliant surf photographer Tom Carey that everyone jumped on the synchronized flash band wagon. A local photog and I pooled our money together and went out and bought a waterhousing, a large flash to go in it, and 2 remote controls. And our first time shooting with it, we flooded the housing. Something about we forgot to screw down the handle's bolts or something. Idiots! This image is one of the best flash shots I've ever gotten. And the flash malfunctioned and didn't even go off! That was the cool thing about shooting flash back then, you never know what you were going to get. This is Hoyer wondering why the heck he hasn't been blinded by the flash yet...


If you haven't heard some of the best news in town this year, Get Ready! NHHS alumni, Newport Lifeguard, CDM Women's waterpolor coach, Pro Waterpolo Player, Legendary Lower Jetty surfer, and all around nice guy, Ross Sinclair, has been hired for an extremely prestigious position in town. NHHS's Men's Water Polo coach! Congrats!!

Listen up NHHS Water Polo. Your new coach is not only a better Water Polo player than you, but he can surf circles around you! So get on it!

Ross, Newport.


You'd think that I would have learned by now that it's easier to just paddleout to the end of the jetty! Saturday. Newport

Photo by @newportjames


Another fun run of combo swell in town this weekend. Word North of Point Conception however was that they got solid Swell. With the Harvest Buoy looking like it topped out at 9ft @ 14 secs Saturday.

Without a doubt it's time to say good-bye XXL Winter Ground Swells though. Hopefully next year, Todos!

Photo Cozad


Flash Back Friday...

Toxic Gas!

TBFriday. Toxic Gas,1970's. One sunny summer day in the early 1970's the Newport Beach Lifeguard Department drove up to the bayfront beach where we lived and ordered everyone to evacuate. They warned that a large toxic cloud of gas was possibly heading towards Newport. The beach was pretty full that day, and people were freaked out to say the least!

My parents did what they always seemed to do, immediately helped out. They opened up our home and started inviting families into our house, to get away from the reported cloud of toxic gas. And once our house was filled with families, my dad shut all the windows, wetted towels and lined the bottom of our outside doors. And we waited, for what we did not know.

Now my dad was big time into gambling back then. He regularly had card games that would start mid day at a table in our sandy yard, and continue late into the evening at our kitchen table. So when all the families were settled in the house that day, it was only natural for my dad to break out the cards and gambling chips, and go to work.

For hours us kids ran wildly around the house, while the women chatted in the living room, and the men gambled their family's beach vacation money away at our kitchen table. And late in the afternoon, when it was obvious that the toxic gas cloud was not to be, and the radio announced I was all clear, we said our good-byes to the families. My mom exchanged phone numbers with the other ladies, I said good-bye to my new found friends, and my dad smiled wide, and counted his large pile of money. And unfortunately for my dad, there has never been another toxic gas scare again in Newport.



Yea you've heard stories of how good The Channel Islands gets... But have you ever wondered how crowded it gets?

Crowded! Newport's Joey Head, dealing with a pack of hard core locals. San Nicholas Island.


Newport Alumni Rick Downs was honored and looking forward to getting runover by the champ... Photo copyright cozad


Those who saw it are calling it the best Upper Jetties barrel of early April's 4 day swell.

For a sequence of it, check @newportsurfundergound on Instagram... I was able to put it, and to music.

Erik H. about to be seriously barreled and blown out... in front of his home, in Newport.


This is one of the most important photos I've ever taken. And if you look near the middle, you'll see Ben Carlson's wreath and board. That it somehow ended up near front and center in the lens, while randomly shooting out of a very bumpy, moving helicopter, is a miracle. If you haven't yet, please visit the Ben Carlson Foundation website, and help keep Ben's legacy alive... Click the photo above for the website.


Don't like the little waves we had in town yesterday? Well get used to it. While the Springtime sandbars might be there, for the next few days significant swell won't be. Grant Noble doesn't care, and will stylishly glide around on anything.... Yesterday, in Newport.


Newport's Blackball Working Group will present to the city's Recreation Council tonight, their Blackball recommendations. The meeting takes place at 6pm at Newport's Civic Center. 100 Civic Center Drive. Newport's Surfing Council, made of a group of politically astute local surfers, were hoping for the City's Blackball Working Group to recommend a designated surfing area during the Summer within out city. It appears that recommendation will not happen, at least not at this time. The City's Blackball Working group is however recommending that 40th-44th st Blackball be rolled back to 10am-5pm, between Memorial Day and Labor Day. This is a far cry from the current allowed surfing usage there. Please come to the meeting tonight and show your support and hear what the city's Blackball Working Group has to say. The more seats occupied by us local surfers the better!

If the city of Newport had it's way, surfing would only be allowed at night. D. Hein. Newport.



From those of us that now feel like fools, for weeping in sorrow at his phony announcement of retirement. It's payback time...


Along with Newport's Casey Higdon, he has seen El Morro at it's absolute best, and has charged some massive waves in Mainland Mex over the years. Make no mistake about it. 50 is the new 30. Craig Long. Monday Newport.


Yes, the SUP World Championships flyer posted yesterday, was an April Fools joke. For the past 11 years one has been done here. Last year I claimed Ghetto Juice and NewportSurfShots.com was sponsoring a surf contest at Wedge. The Wedge crew went a bit nuts on social media about it. And when I tried to calm the escalating rage and admit it was a joke, one guy told me it was no joke and that I didn't know what I was talking about. Ha, ok... Also last year the director of Parks and Recreation for the City of Newport came after Skip Snead and I with all kinds of threats for promoting and planning to run the event. The SUP joke was aimed at pissing him and the City off again. Hopefully it worked. Mikey at Paddle Surf did get one really long threatening letter from guy, who I'm sure feels like a fool now.... A huge thanks to Lorin Ely-McGregor of LE-Creative for always putting together insanely well crafted flyers!! And Paddle Surf Warehouse for going along with the joke.

This wave is no joke!


April 1st, 2015

Well get ready for a Summer full of SUP's practicing for this fricken thing!

Please contact Paddle Surf Warehouse to object to this event!!

Flyer crafted by Lorin Ely-McGregor of LE-Creative


The "Cyclone Pam Swell" peaked Sunday, but there were still a few little waves left on Monday... In Newport.


Yes, Wedge was bombing yesterday. And you're going to be subjected to so many images of the place on the internet over the coming days, your head is going to spin. So whatever... Saturday evening, as I was literally getting into my wetsuit, I switched gears and decided to trade my board for my camera, and I'm glad I did. I was in West Newport... When Kaleigh, Canon Call, Bones, and Jarred Cassidy all walked down from a friend's house to say hello. And even after surfing all day, they all agreed to another surf. The wind then laid down, the swell started pulsing, and Newport actually got really good. Even though they have grown out of gromhood, and are all off doing different things in life, it was so great to get the gang back together and shoot. Their generation of Newport surfers is the single most reason I got into surf photography, by making shooting surfing fun, and really interesting in Newport...


Canon Call. Saturday evening, Newport


Southern focused sandbars in town come alive this time of year, and all kinds of cameras and people show up for it. And at 1000th of a second the cameras make Newport look really good. Being new to Instagram, I had not idea of all the people and publications that run line-up shots of Newport. My counterpart in HB, Sardelis, tells me it's the new world order now, and to get used to it. And while I don't plan on shitting line-up shots anytime soon. I do feel that each jetty crew in Newport can take care of themselves. Nobody is coming into town and paddling to the inside of Clay or Brophy and the Lower jetty crew and calling them off. Nobody is paddling inside of Lorin or Justin and the 44th st crew and going. And nobody is paddling around Kolina, Brillo or Ronnie and the 56th crew at that jetty. And so on and so forth.. In essence, with the scary amount of cameras that appear to be showing up this South swell season. And the hype currently generated by the impending swell. Be confident that Newport can, has, and always will provide for its own. Now bring on the Southern Hemi, and try and not run anyone over...

Empty Newport?



If you grew up in Newport, or in any Southern California beach city for that matter during the 70's or 80', and you surfed, you will remember Dr George Fishbeck. Dr George worked for KABC News, and with his hand over his heart, gave the weather everyday. But what Dr. George did that other weathermen in the area did not do back then, was talk at length anytime a tropical storm or hurricane appeared off Baja. And frequently he threw a little prehistoric surf forecast in for good measure. Back in the day, after one of his late afternoon tropical forecasts, us groms would race on our bikes to The Point to see it there was any signs of his swell prediction yet. And it was pretty funny to watch the entire street immediately fill up with cars, and guys running out of their cars to look at the surf. Yes, before there was Sean Collins, there was Dr. George. And sadly he passed away yesterday at 93, R.I.P...


On Newport Surf Shot's trial Instagram excursion, @newportsurfunderground. Newport Surf Underground doesn't have the 100's of photos of guys boosting airs and of Wedge, like other surf Instagrams do. So here they go... Spencer Pirdy doing a SuperMan Air, at you know where...

Photo Tom Cozad




"Now, and Then"... When I picked up Clay Crandal and his friend to take them down to meet up with Clay's father in Baja, and they started loading guns and tow boards to the top of my car. I just laughed and shook my head. I thought there's no way these 14 year old kids are going out there. When we got out to the break the next morning and I saw little Clay catch his first wave, I wasn't laughing anymore. Clay Crandal, 2007, Todos


Yes, word is already leaking out that Cyclone Pam that wreaked havoc in the South Pacific has reformed and will be sending swell up and down the coast for the end of the week. And while it could be pretty solid, it won't be anything like this!

Frequent Newport surfer Clay Crandal called me when it was still dark the morning of this swell, and said they were paddling out.. Paddling out in the dark, I thought, it must not be really big. I was wrong!

Massive slab hunter Clay Crandal... Not Puerto and not Pascuales, just Orange County.

Photo cozad



So much for El Nino this year, and so much for March being one of the wettest months of the year... Paddle Board Warehouse's Mikey G., back when it used to rain in Newport.



Nearly seven years ago premier Newport photographer Dale Kobetich bought a shark from a Dory Fisherman, stuck a few pencils in it's mouth to keep it open, swam it out towards the end of the Newport Pier, and photographed it. Dale wasn't trying to create panic or initiate a hoax when he released the image onto the World Wide Web. He was just trying to create a really interesting and compelling photo. But Dale's image got away from him, and his attempt at artistic expression soon became a top news story. One that he didn't bother to keep tract of. Soon people started to question the photo. "Mako sharks don't come that close to shore." "When sharks open their mouth, their eyes close." "Why weren't the people on the pier panicking as they watched a shark accost a photographer?", were but a few of the questions that surfaced. Surfline ran the photo, and soon after, thought it best to bring in a shark expert to assess it's validity. I tracked Dale down first and he readily admitted that he "created" the photo, and was surprised by all of the fuss about it. Surfline then wrote an article about Dale and his perceived hoax. And were gracious enough to cover it as a humorous and amusing story, and not one that set out to crucify Dale. With his creative "over and under" shots Dale's photography was blowing up at the time, and sadly the fiasco really took a toll on of his upward trajectory... For decades Dale has remained one of the most creative photographers and camera waterhouse designers in the world. And for the Newport has been fortunate to call him one of it's own. We just need to keep his camera away from dead fish in the water.

The Shark seen round the world... In Newport.



People at times are just as interested in knowing how epic a sunset was in town, as the surf. The past 3 evenings the high pressure that Newport has been sweating under has produced the most epic sunrises of the year. But the sun has been buried in the unusual high pressure cloud cover each evening, producing dirty looking sunsets. And that's your Sunset report for Newport over the past few days. Now back to the surf!

M. Bonds, bathes in dirty light. Monday in Newport...


Surfline showcases great people, who are great surfers that fly below the radar. In Newport there is not a better person that fits that bill than

Spencer Pirdy. Click the image below for a Surfline feature on a true Newport waterman...

Throw your hands in the air, like you just don't care! Pirdy, Orange County.


I've had the unique opportunity to cover the Maverick's Contest over the past 9 years, and sadly, as the waiting period draws closer to an end, March 31st, it doesn't look like the event will go this year. Click the photo below for a pretty cool feature that gives a bit of history on the majestic wave. And thanks to the local photogs that have put up with me coming up there once a year...


Did someone yell outside?


Offshore yes... But don't be fooled by it. What looks like a 100 yard long left, is actually a 200 yard long wall. This morning, in Newport.




Newport longboarder, photographer and shaper, Todd Messick, giving thanks to the sunset gods. In Newport.


What's the opposite of the buoy readings for Newport today of 1.2ft @ 13 seconds.

The buoy reading this day of 20 Ft @ 20 Seconds. Brad Gerlach. Baja.


Our front yard and our playground. In Newport


Last weekend after Newport Beach Lifeguard tryouts, a ceremony was held to honor Newport Lifeguard Ben The recently renovated Lifeguard Headquarters has a well deserved new naame. The Benjamin M. Carlson Lifeguard Headquaters!

Click the image below to read more about the exceptional ceremony.



XXL Mastermind Bill Sharp had it all figured out. Newport had some fun waves yesterday. The sky was clear. The wind was light offshore. The Southern Hemi had only dropped a notch on the buoys. And while the previous day's windswell was nil, the shape was respectful at certain spots. All Sharp needed was the tide to drop a bit, and those certain places in Newport would be pretty fun. So at 10:30am Sharp paddled out and took his spot in the line-up... And the onshore wind immediately came up, and the lull from hell ensued, and the surf went to total crap. And poor Bill paddled in with his hair still dry, shook his head in disgust, and went home. Serves Sharp right for all the epic surf he's gotten throughout the world over the years...

Backwash sucks. But it's kinda cool to look at. Yesterday, in Newport.


Regardless of the photos made to look like Newport was all time yesterday, during the first Southern Hemi combo swell of the year, it was marginal in town at best. It was high tide and wonky, with a few brief moments of brillance, a lot of waiting between sets, and wind on it by noon. As the bottom tries to figure out what to do with swell now from the south, today might be better. But the crowd sure won't be!

This was the biggest set, and actually the best made barrel of the morning. Yesterday, in Newport.



Simon says "You'll be lucky to see a day like this in town ever again!" Hurricane Simon. 2014



Surfline's South Side HD webcam. Yesterday in Huntington.


Chris Ward, hanging around Newport...


Why are all those container ships sitting off the coast, to the North of Newport?

The International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) represents 20,000 dockworkers, who spend years earning full membership and whose current contract pays $26 to $41 an hour, with free healthcare for members, want more money. Some earn six figures with overtime. The Pacific Maritime Association (PMA), which represents shipping companies, does not want to pay more. Thus, the L.A./Long Beach Port is shut down. And this is affecting the entire country with billions of dollars of commerce on the line.

The Docks of Long Beach

Photo Copyright Tom Cozad


What the heck?

Click the photo below...

Saturday in Newport.


Not Newport. Baja. yesterday...


Although I have all the gear I stopped shooting water years ago. If I'm going in the water, I'd rather surf. But you can only get so many land shots in Newport before everything starts looking the same. So the NewportSurfShots camera will probably start going back in the water. Please try and not run it over.

Chris C.. Sunday. Newport.


NHHS is off on their annual surf team trip to Nicaragua. Word is there's waves, but also a lot of wind. No matter, without a doubt the groms are having the times of their lives! The trip to Nicaragua is two fold. Not only are they gaining surf experience and making memories, but Newport Beach based Huevos Wax has donated water filters which the groms are passing out in nearby towns. Coach Burns, Vallely and Tim and Amy Reda leading the charge!

Newport's Micheal Bonds. Yesterday in Nicarugua...


Pat T., always smiling, always ripping. Yesterday in Newport...


I've been so busy trying to put my life bac

C. Moran. Newport.____________________

It's one of the ugliest waves I know of to shoot! And even though I live down the street from it, I dread shooting it and very rarely do. But when the swell of the winter arrives, it does have it's moments. But again, it sure isn't photogenic!

Tuesday, in Newport...


One look around town yesterday, during the largest swell so far this winter season, is a strong argument against last months HB vs NB feature. In that online feature it was stated that HB had a wider variety of waves than Newport. You be the judge... Yesterday there were fun little lefts next to the pier, so soft and easy that my wife and daughter longboarded it with little to no consequence for hours. A quick jetty away there were thumping overhead lefts. Thumping so hard that Newport's Kaleigh Gilchrist ended up with 10 staples in her head. And two jetties away, there were the occasional top to bottom throaty running barrels. So hollow and throaty that Newport's Spencer Pirdy says he got one of the barrels of his life. And then in the far end of town there were head high playful rights peeling 100 yards down the beach. So good that famed surf film maker Jack Coleman showed up to film it. And in the far other end of town there were thick overhead rights, barreling for blocks down the beach. So good that famed pro Jordy Smith showed up and got what was called a quadruple barrel. Basically there was something for everyone in Newport yesterday. And yes folks, that's called variety. And a whole lot of it!

Nick K., Cordell And Unknown.

One day, three different spots. Name em. Yesterday in Newport.


Today, Tuesday, there is the largest swell so far of the Winter season! So please turn off the computer, and Go Surf!

Photo Cozad. In H.B.


Where was it good this weekend in town with the short interval winter swell. Just about everywhere!

Obviously the word is out, there's more on the way. With a possible offshore event on Tuesday... So plan your week accordingly.

V. Done and Hoyer. This weekend in Newport.


"Over the falls you go." At the place that nobody knows about, in Newport.


Surfing Sunset. Friday night, in Newport.


Surfline was bound to do it.

Newport vs Huntington, spot check

Click the image below...

Huntington Beach is a far better wave than Newport!! If planning a surf trip to Southern California... Without a doubt, concentrate your trip on surfing there



Remember the shark attack in the South Bay last year, next to the Manhattan Beach Pier?

Going for a swim 1/2 mile offshore, in the South Bay!



There's so many building projects going on in the beach area of Newport it's crazy. HB also has a huge one, which looks to turn it into Miami.

If you were wondering what was behind those fences on PCH and 1st in HB, this will give you an idea of what they're up to.

Pacific City... in HB


On Saturday after getting blown out of the skies in the Malibu mountains, on our way to Oxnard in a heli... We decided to cancel our surf shoot mission, and head to HB to try and get a few pictures. The best surf on the coast while heading back was easily Lunada Bay, and we buzzed it for a while. Which I'm sure the locals were not happy about! But those images, like my Ranch photos, will never get released. Unless the Bay Boys piss me off.

In North HB we saw perfect surf from the air. And once we landed at Long Beach Airport, I hauled ass to it. The thing was there was nobody really out, and you can only shoot line-up shots so long before it gets boring. So I raced back to Newport, and grabbed two groms that I knew would pull into the double overhead barrels that I'd found. Because they had'nt seen the extent of the swell in Newport, Michael Bonds and Dylan Cotton figured they were just going for a surf at ok Huntington. But I kept frothing to them how good it was going to be, and just hoped it didn't turn onshore until they got a few out there.

When we pulled up and saw bombing sets out the back, I think they knew that this was going to be the real deal. And when they paddled out and a 3 wave double overhead offshore set broke on their heads. I'm pretty sure they realized that this was going to be a memorable session, and it was on. The guys stayed out for nearly 3 hours, and then spent the last half hour sitting on the beach watching perfect wave after wave peel off as the sun went down. A pretty amazing day for sure.

M. Bonds is 6'2". So we figure this is about an 8ft Californian wave, or maybe 2 ft Hawaiian. Saturday, north of Newport.


HB from above...

And that exact same spot that's above, photographed later from below... Saturday.


Hopefully coming to a beach near you soon....


The "Jaws" event might go Thursday. With swell booming into the West Coast on Saturday...

Prepare to surf! Dusty Payne, Newport.


The City of Newport is at it again. They're come up with a another really dumb idea. In summary, this time around they are talking about having a total of 60 wood burning firepits in the city. 9 of those firepits at Blackies. Plus there's talk of them putting one firepit on the beach at the end of every street in Newport, all the way up to River Jetties.

First off, an ERI (Environmental assessment report) would show that the crap that is in the fire rings at Blackies, would get washed out during high tide and into the water. And that is a health hazard and a city liability, as it is no bueno for swimmers! And some of the richest and most influental people in this city, are those that own oceanfront homes. And there is no way they are ever going to let fire rings be dumped in front of the multimillion dollar beach palaces. They collectively will be lawyered up before you know it.

Anyway, please keep your ears open for additional info on the firepit issue. And if anything drastic happens, I'll try and get info about up here.

"Let's put the firepit here!" Brophy and crew, in Newport.


You'd think it was a left point...


Everyone's happy there's waves again! Last night in Newport.


Surfline's Best Bet for the month of January, is always a good bet...

Click the image below...

Greg Long went for this barrel knowing he probably wasn't coming out. He came up after getting totally worked saying, "I just took off and headed right for you for the shot". And sacrificed his board on this one... Not Todos. Somewhere else, in Bajaha.





Well... do you miss Summer yet?


Yes it was a year of epic Hurricane swell in Newport in 2014. And we had a rare 3 day stent of epic offshores in the Spring. But without a doubt the biggest story of 2014 in our little beach community was the sad and untimely death of legendary Newport surfer and lifeguard, Ben Carlson.

The Ben Carlson Foundation is now in full swing, and a memorial statue is in the works. So Ben will live on in the hearts and minds of all. Hats and shirts to support Ben's Foundation are now available at Hobie Surf Shop in CDM

Here's to 2015. Have a very Happy New Year!


This morning's surf check, at Blackies...


Jane's Tree

An extremely friendly retired gentleman we call "The Sweeper" lives on 32nd st. He has an interesting past. He used to be the assistant to an Arab prince for many decades. A few years ago he and his wife started a tradition of putting a Christmas Tree in the sand at 32nd st, that also had battery powered lights on it. It was something he, his wife of over 30 years, and his family loved to do. Sadly his wife passed away recently, and when neighbors saw the tree go up this year, they began calling it "Jane's Tree", after his late wife. Hope you got a picture with it...



From our family to you and yours. We'd like to wish you a very merry Christmas, and a happy and prosperous New Year!



Lots and lots of people in town got sick from the water during the last storm. Sore Throat was the most common symptom.

Click below for a story about surfing in dirty water...

Hurray for clean water... In Newport...


Newport On Fire!

The end of the Newport Harbor Christmas Boat Parade Fireworks show. Last night in Balboa.


He still has the smoothest surfing style in Newport, even when in the air. Canon C., Wed, Newport.


Biggum surf. It's coming. Just not in Newport.

This did not end well!... Cameron Ferris, not in Newport.

(Photo copyright cozad)


This is SNN

Because there was no surf in Newport yesterday.

Man argues with cabby. Cabby stops in middle of the street and demands man to get out. Man attacks cabby. Cabby Maces man. A lot of police arrive. Both man and Cabby are forced to ground... Cabby let go. And man goes to jail.

Moral of story. Don't screw with Cabbys! Last night, in Newport.


Clear mid-day glass, yesterday in Newport.


There's a lot of people that are thankful for Newport...


This is the guy that's quietly grabbing all the great waves during a swell on the inside, and tearing them to pieces. He is also the guy that's unassumingly surfing the empty waves down the beach, while the frothing pack of surfers are paddling over each other at the main peak. Jon Perino, below, is one of the most low profile and best underground rippers around. And surfs both longboard and retro shortboards equally well. And no matter the size or conditions of the surf, he always seems to be having the time of his life...


Jon Perino. Yesterday in Newport


The 3rd day of Hurricane Simone, when The Point began returning back to just an average beach break again, one of the Upper Jetties turned on, and was pretty all time. Word that morning was that had Bethany Hamilton had just paddled out, so my wife and I went up to check the surf, and see what she was up to in the water. But the crowd was in full froth mode! And every little bump of swell had people crawling all over, and unfortunately nobody gave her a break in the line-up at all. Oh well, welcome to Newport...

Bethany on a tear! In Newport.


The one thing the Fall season has been missing this year... The Wind. In Newport.


Yeah, Alex and I always travel together... Jeffrey's Bay, South Africa. 2012


Perfect conditions, but no surf. Somebody has to be getting waves somewhere in town though, right?

Harrison Hewitt, makes the most of next to nothing. Yesterday in Newport.


The two photogs that I have the most respect for out at big Todos are Jason Murry and Rob Keith. They've been shooting there forever, and their photos are iconic. This was taken two seasons ago. Jason thought shooting with a wide angle lens, and sticking himself as close to the bowl as possible would get him some exclusive images. Personally I didn't think the risk is worth it, as you're risking your ski and all your gear for an ok photo. But he's a legend, and he pulled it off without an mishaps, and the photos did get run somewhere.

Jason Murry, really up close, at Todos.


I used to shoot the Surfrider Celebrity surf contest every year. I felt like an idiot running around playing paparazzi, especially when I didn't really know any of the stars. This is Minnie Driver, who actually surfed pretty good and was extremely nice. I shot some stuff of her surfing, and a couple years later, The View had her on their show, and they contacted me, and surprised her with photos of her riding her longboard. Anyway, as you can see in this photo, I suck as a paparazzi!

Minnie surfs?


Happy Birthday to one of the most frothing surfers in town! Susan C., XXS in Newport.


Click the photo below for a big batch of images from the day. . And click here for a Solspot Slideshow of the event.

Peace! and Boo!


The Blackies Halloween Costume Surf, 2014

Check back later this week for a link to Surf Forecasting site SolSpot.com that is hosting a slideshow of the event.

Grom Trick or Treat Newport style, and...

The Good

The Bad

And sorry Kim Kardashian, but the ugly... Last weekend at the Blackies Costume Surf Event.


The O.C. Register's Laylan Connelly is one of the premier members of not only Newport's, but Orange County's surf community. And she has done more for it than anybody I know. Last weekend Laylan married her sole mate, Jon Perino at Doho. Jon is basically one of the nicest guys you could meet, and also one of the best longboarders around! A huge congrats to them both! And now it's off to Panama for a long deserved honeymoon they go.

They Do...at Doho


The North Pacific continues to heat up!

This was taken the first year I went up to Maverick's, in 2005. I got so psyched to shoot big waves up there and at Dodoes that I

bought a ski and sled. The next year when I was amping to go north, they outlawed skis in the Monterey Bay area, in the name of Wildlife

Preservation? So I don't go up anymore, except for the Mav's contest, because shooting from the beach is boring. I planned to sell the ski last

Summer, but then was told that this might be an El Nino Winter filled with giant surf. So I've hung onto the ski for another year... Hopefully this

winter really will go XXL on the California Coast.

Greg Long Mavericks. Photo Copyright Cozad


The Southern Hemisphere is quiet. The Northern Hemisphere is starting to heat up. So things are normal for this time of year in Newport.

Or are they?

Duddy, on a longboard, switchfoot, and skinning it in 70+ degree water in mid October? Yesterday in Newport...


Mixed in The Point crowd earlier this week was a Newport legend that goes completely unnoticed in the local surfing community. Forty years ago Mike Hall charged The Point on the biggest of days like no one else. There's stories of him too, surfing the place on Styrofoam "Blackball Beaters" and getting absolutely pummeled on huge waves. Pulling up in his Porsche with a bright red gun on top, a lot of of us kids had a huge amount of respect for his surfing when The Point got giant. And while still surfing Blackies every so often, it was great to see him once again take his place in the line-up during Hurricane Simon.

Michael Hall's surfing comes alive once again. Monday in Newport.


Good swell... Good Surfline swell feature.

Click the photo below.

Newport's secret spot?


Solid yes, but Simon won't be no Marie...

Machado, Marie


Post Marie... The surf ran up the now steep beach, hit the newly formed berm, and quickly ran down, and out to sea. Resulting in lots of this.

The Back Wash Boogie. A. Flores, in Newport.


Check out this months Bliss Magazine, out now, for images of Hurricane Marie.

I Love Marie! In Newport.




Knost, interested in anything that has between 1 and 5. In Newport.



Get my board, I'm going out!


Baja surf convertible.


Don't try making one of these in the United States!


"Locals of Interest"

What has Newport local Rexford Adams been up to? Read his story below...

About a year ago a series of events took place that inspired my girlfriend Carolin and I to start planning a trip of a lifetime. Within a two week period my girlfriend got let go from her job of 8 years and lost her mother to breast cancer. When such events happen, life really stops you in your tracks. We decided to finally live out our dream of traveling around the world and taking multiple months to do it. We took our life savings and off we went. Our travels took us across the Inca trail in Peru to Machu Picchu, to the fjords and mountains of Patagonia. Remote surfing towns in Chile. Wave pools and indoor ski resorts in Dubai. All through Australia-Asia including Sumatra, Thailand, and Vietnam. We even got stuck in a snowstorm after hiking 12 days to Mount Everest base camp. We picked up a rental car and a tent and spent 3 months in Europe exploring the coast line from Spain to Sweden and surfing everything in between. I managed to get myself engaged in a cave on a beach in Portugal and we even surfed a river wave in the heart of Germany.

We've spent the last 9 months traveling the globe and are finally back home in Newport and after seeing much of the good and the bad in this world we realize how extremely fortunate we are to live in this beautiful city. We started a blog at the beginning of the trip called justclex.com, where some pictures and stories mold out the last 9 months a little better. All in all we still have some traveling in us but for now it's nice to be back in Newport and we're looking forward to seeing some familiar faces and surfing some familiar waves.

Welcome home Rex!

Click the photo above for Rex's round the world blog!


Ahhh Shit... In Newport


How to turn a head high wave, into double overhead. Thanks Marie!

Backwash Tuesday, in Newport


Huntington wishes it had one of these! In Newport.


Saturday. Sherwood's Swell...


Where's the Goods!?

During last week's Mega Marie swell I shot 21 hours over 2 days, in and around Newport. A file of nearly 200 photos went to Surfline for their Swell Feature. And then a few days after their Swell Feature was presented, I realized the file I had sent them for it was of all of my reject images! Whatever, no sleep for 3 days will do that to you I guess. The emails keep coming in from people asking if I have photos of them on Big Wednesday. Ha, I am still trying to the find the time to go through all the images properly.

This I do know about my photos of everyone. Images of Newport will be in Ghetto Juice Magazine, coming out soon. And I'm told in Bliss Magazine next month too. Also Hurley is rumored to be having a swell feature slideshow next week with some of my stuff, that I'm sure you'll hear about. And Surfline is said to be releasing a feature with additional Newport photos of mine from the mega swell. Additionally I'll work on getting up an album of people's photos too.

Newport... Like Nambi, like Pipe, and like Indo too. Last week.


The Aftermath

Like a hurricane that hits land and alters the landscape. The surf of Hurricane Marie has changed the beaches and surf of Newport. From the Wedge to River there are deep holes in the sandbars, causing flat spots in the surf in Newport. Most of the jetties lost the sand that is typically piled up at the end of them. Sand has been swept away at the base of most of the jetties, and many more rocks are now exposed. Newport's sandy beaches now have steep berms, similar to those which occur after a large and violent mid winter storm. And those berms are causing backwashe. And on the North and South side of the Newport Pier, there is more sand piled up near the shore than anyone can ever remember! In fact it is so shallow that the Lifeguard dock beneath the end of the Newport Pier, is now in only 5ft of water! And over the past few days large clumps of seaweed and kelp have started to drift in and litter Newport's line-up. Presumably ripped from Laguna and other points south by Marie's large swells.

This photo was taken Monday morning at a exactly +2.46 tide. Notice the increased width of the beach, and the curve of the shore. It would take the Army Corps of Engineers 6 months and two million dollars to do what Mother Nature did in 3 days.


They're Gone!!!!!


Before... And

After. Yesterday in Newport.



NHHS surf team member Luke Ellis and friends close out the summer by finding a new and creative way to use ding tape. Yesterday in Newport


Click below for a short Surfline feature of the recent mega swell. A larger feature from Surfline should be up later tonight...

Yesterday... And

All eyes on Bob O. the day before. In Newport.


The Great Debate...

Having surfed Newport for over 40 years, I think yesterday was the biggest and most unruliest day going all the way back to the 70's at The Point. Others that have also been around for decades may say others swells were perhaps bigger. But perhaps that's because we were just younger and more in awe of those swells back then. And as for the debate that the "Pipeline Comes to Newport" swell of 73' was bigger. No way! I was one of the few arrested during that swell for not getting out of the water, and remember it all too well. Hurricane Marie might not have been as finally groomed and well shaped, but she was much bigger! Yes, Marie lived up to all her hype, and was definitely one for the books! And many of us in town may never see another one like her in our lifetime again.

Some of the sets yesterday were fun makable peaks... And

some were not... And

some of the set waves were pretty solid... A few from yesterday in Newport

Copyright Cozad



And Then Go Surf... Newport


Waiting, Waiting, Waiting, for Marie...

JOB might be there! Will you?


Lowell In Review

Not a lot of effort went into shooting last weekend's swell. Instead all the photographic love is be going to Marie. A name that we will probably remember forever...

Check out the 5 featured editorial photos below from last weekend's swell.

Estrada showed up and put his Indo inspired surfing into action. He had a double page spread very similar to this photo in one of the mags many years ago. Obviously hasn't lost any of his style or grace in solid surf through the years.

Tom Rezvan is a surf animal! He's respected as a regular in HB, Newport and at Lowers. And after surfing his brains out for 3 days straight, when the wind wreaked havoc on the surf Saturday afternoon. He hauled ass up to Malibu, and scored there too.

That place that everyone treats as a secret spot in town, but everyone in the Western Hemisphere knows about, was obviously breaking last weekend. And the crowd was ridiculous. Newport's Clay Smith (Richie Collins's uncle) has been surfing the wave longer than most surfers in town have been alive. And when Chiron mistakenly dropped in on him Saturday, Chiron was greeted with a collision, a broken fin, and a swim to the beach. Clay doesn't forget things like this!! But then again, Chiron shapes his boards.

When the swell drifted extremely SW mid Saturday morning, other spots in Newport really came to life. And a few places resmebled left point breaks. Adam Popp off the bottom on his shortboard inside. And Brophy on a gun log styling on the outside. Both going nearly jetty to jetty.


Start practicing holding your breath, Hurricane Marie will be arriving soon.

Saturday morning...


Solid short interval Tropical Swell, check. Big name surfer in Newport, check. NW wind that screws up what could have been an epic day of surf, check...

Timmy Reyes. Friday, in Newport.



Because of all the road work going on it took 22 hours of driving to get to this wave. And at about hour 18 I was over it, and saying there's no way this drive could be worth it! But damn if I was wrong. This place is pretty magic and having surfed everywhere from The Super Bank in Oz to the Maldives, and HT's in Sumatra. And Jeffrey's Bay and Cape Saint Francis in South Africa to pumping San Blas and La Salidita on Mainland. This wave is probably the most easily rippable of the bunch.

If you know you know... Chest to head high thanks to Tropical Storm Karina. Last Monday in Baja.


All roads lead to somewhere. In Baja...


So you've driven by it on your way to Point or Wedge over the past few months, and always wondered "what's going on behind that sidewalk scaffolding and wall?" Well here it is...

In progress. In Newport.



This was either the Maverick's event or the last Todos event 4 years years ago. This photog was minding his own business shooting from his ski when he got caught caught by a set that swung wide, and in the water he went, camera and all. No matter what you've heard about sticking it in rice or using a hair dryer, once a camera or lens is dunked in the water, it's dead forever!

It happens. You just got to try and make sure it doesn't happen to you... Say good-bye to $5,000.


Not only does he own River when he's out there, he does one of the best and fastest ding repairs in Newport. And he surfs like a mad man when he's in the water. Brain H. Yesterday in Newport.


Click the photo below for the Surfline wrap-up...



Yesterday was Newport Junior Lifeguard's "Monster Mile".

And this year's theme was American Heroes.

A few True American Heroes showed up to cheer the groms on as they ran and swam a mile.

A lot of groms dressed up as a True American Local Hero, Ben Carlson.

And then the groms put away their costumes, and ran to 8th st., entered the water, and swam back to Balboa Pier. Yesterday in Newport.


Throw Back Thursday.

Remember This...

In 2005 the City of Newport was going to fill in the jetties with sand! All of the jetties. The City was set to turn the surf of Newport into that of Balboa Pier. The media showed up for the battles and people rallied at City Council Meetings. A group of citizens fought the proposal. In the end we stopped the city from filling in the jetties by getting an Environment Attorney. He proved that the sediment that they were going to fill the jetties in with contained greater than the State's alotted 15% metals. So then the city decided instead to pump an enormous amount of sand from the River, offshore. And the Army Corps of Engineers gave them millions of dollars to do it. And then this vessel, the dredgers boat, ran aground while they were in the process of moving the sand. And it took nearly a week to get the vessel off the beach. And in the process they used up most of the dredging money doing it. To say the least the project was a complete failure! So now anytime there's word that Newport is moving sand. There are those of us in town that want to know everything about it!!

Beached... In Newport.

Photo Tom Cozad


From people at my work that know nothing about surfing to hardcore groms in the neighborhood. People assume, like all photogs that shoot surfing, I'll be all over the U.S. Open with a camera this week! But after having single handily shot the event at one time for Surfline for 7 years straight, I am completely over going anywhere near the event! Good luck to all the photogs that end up there. And check back here for a few images from local photogs.

I've found that one of the best photos to get is a great U.S. Open Women's Champion image. I always tried to get the best one possible. As not a lot of photogs went all out to nail the Womens' Champion. And often times a good one the sponsors would run everywhere.

Two different women, two different years. Women's winners at the U.S. Open


Warning: This is one of the quickest ways to get a ticket or arrested in Newport.

"The 909 Boardwalk Bartender"


If you've surfed Newport over the past week you've seen it. A bright red 2 story tug pulling a large sand filled barge. The sand is being scooped up from the bay at what is to one day be Newport's new Marina, at 18th st., just south of the American Legion. And the sand is being dumped offshore of the 44th - 48th st jetties. It's not the cleanest sand being dumped out there, but then again it's certainly not the worst...


Heading back for more...



Every decade there's always distinct packs of groms that hang out together and surf throughout Newport until they graduate from NHHS, and then many of them seem to go on to do other things and surf other places. This is one of those crews...

Happy Groms. Circa 2007


Pizza, Pizza

This past 4th of July the most popular people in all of Newport were these guys. The Domino Pizza crew. They walked the boardwalk. They walked the beaches. They walked the alleys. They sold $8.00 pizzas everywhere!! Local Jetty's Kid Creature bought one and shared. And while the pizza was not all that hot and fresh, it was pretty tasty. Without a doubt these guys made a killing! And I'm sure broke a ton of Newport business ordinances in the process!



It's pretty damn clever! Just not sure how legal it is...

Creative parking. Last week. In Newport.



You might have recently seen the images of the giant black school of fish in the La Jolla area. The giant bait ball looked like a churning black oil slick in the video. Yesterday in the Lower Jetties area of Newport, 20 or so dolphins leaped into the air and chased large schools of black bait fish very close to shore. The dolphins raced under, around and through the surfers for nearly 20 minutes. Something that none of us out had seen before.

This is an aerial shot I took last Sunday off of Warner St. in HB. From the air it looked like an animated black ink spot that was constantly expanding and contracting, and moving about. What it is in actuality is a large swarm of fish. Warm water, unlimited water visibility, and the ocean alive with unbundant life near the shore... So far it's shaping up to be an interesting Summer.


If you haven't seen the Surfline slideshow of the very special tribute for Ben Carlson. Please click the image below..

Photo by Bobby Currie

2500 people in the water. 5000 people on the beach. For one Epic Tribute.

Ben's board with wreath, surrounded by friends. Yesterday, in Newport.

Look for a Surfline Tribute to Ben this week.


Big swell. Big Swell Feature... Click the image below.

"Oh well... I didn't really like that board anyway". Sunday @ Wedge.


The first solid Southern Hemi of the year has faded, and things are getting back to normal...

Summertime crowd. In Newport.


There will be two services in honor of Ben Carlson on Sunday, July 13.

•A Memorial Paddle Out will be held at 9 a.m. at the Newport Beach Pier. A Paddle Out is a way of honoring the fallen who had deep ties to the ocean. The ceremony will consist of a gathering on the beach before participants take to the water, paddling out beyond the break, and forming a circle as a sign of union with each other and with Ben. Conditions permitting, the Paddle Out will be close enough to the end pier that non-surfers can gather there to watch and participate.

•A Memorial Service will be held at 6:30 p.m. on the beach at Orange Street in Newport Beach. Casual or "Aloha" attire is requested.

Walk, run, swim, paddle or just SUP to the Paddleout to honor one of Newport's finest! Well, ok don't SUP!

Taken last Sunday @ Wedge.


The first major South of year arrived in Newport over weekend. It was pretty dismal in the morning, with NW and walls everywhere. And yes places South of the Peninsula were pretty fun if you knew where to look. And the Wedge was solid in the afternoon with a guy on an SUP getting some bombs, before he broke his board. And Tyler Gunter grabbed the wave of the afternoon. But while I have pictures of all the above... This swell's hype pales in comparison to the sad fact that the Newport Beach Lifeguard's lost one of it own while making a rescue from their Lifeguard boat yesterday afternoon. All of Newport sadly mourns...



July 4th, 2014

The crowd this year seemed younger, which meant in the afternoon there were more paramedic runs to assist passed out partiers. And because it was a Friday, those parties went later into the night. There was more firework shows in the air than years before. There were far less arrests it appeared. The ponies returned. And one pony rider was spotted actually picking up his pony's crap this year. And the newest 4th of July gimmick of 2014, the Domino's Pizza crew was walking around absolutely everywhere selling $8.00 pizzas. More photos and captions to follow in the weeks ahead.

The Good...

The Bad... And

The Ugly. Yesterday in Newport


You've seen the flags around town, and read about it in Newspapers... 4th Of July is For Families in Newport!

While the families that live her wish that. The reality is it is for families, unitl around noon. Then all hell breaks loose...

Have a Safe & Sane 4th of July. And check back here for photos of who knows what of the day...


They're ready for the 4th of July. Are you?

Two classic people, and legendary local surfers. Jared Mel and Clay Smith. Happy to be in Newport.


July is here!

And July 4th is right around the corner...


Mr. Bill Spurgeon is a Newport surfing icon. Having surfed the waters of Newport since the 1950's he is one of the most respected surfers in the water in the Blackies surfing area. And he is affectionately refereed to by many, old and young alike, as the Kahuna. Saturday at NAC a surprise birthday party was held for The Kahuna, and a large crowd of local surfers showed to wish him a happy 70th birthday. Much love and respect to the Kahuna!

The Kahuna and one part of his vast surfing crew. The women of Blackies surfing.

Photo by Dave Manning


Newport Beach Lifeguards are only allowed to 4 Bud Lites per day. And just cans, no bottles.

or maybe

Newport Beach Lifeguards are always throwing someone else's garbage away...

In Newport...


With a solid South Hemi swell, and a similar size wind swell in the water the last few days in Newport... Everywhere from the Newport Pier to River Jetties has had really good surf. Just pick your jetty or sandbar and have at it. But with the fog and haze each morning, the local surf photogs I spoke with have been surfing it and not shooting it. If you got some of the recent surf, you're smiling right from ear to ear, and if you didn't, while a bit smaller and a bit more walled today, there is still surf out there.

Epic combo with epic conditions. Spring 2014


Some of you will miss surfing with him at 28th. And some of you will miss surfing with him at 56th.

And yes, some of you won't miss surfing with him and his SUP at all.


Long time Newport legend "Hovie" has left town and relocated to Florida to pursue his passion for SUPs.

Wishing you the best Brian.


Now days, everybody surfs...

Photo copyright cozad


Happy Father's Day!


Newport Dads Rule!


Long ago Bud Light really wanted this photo!... And then they didn't.

Taj Burrow... Sailing.


Yes, there were waves in town this past weekend...

But when is this going to happen again?

Waiting for Summer. In Newport.


Way Back Wednesday

She rode around town on her Hog from Spring until Fall, in some pretty crazy outfits and jewelry. And she enjoyed laying out on her bike in the Blackies parking lot, while a parade of cars passed her by, wondering what the hell was up with her. And while a few people claim of the occasional sighting, she sorta disappeared and hasn't really been around for a few years.

Newport's Motorcycle Mama... Hanging on her Hog, @ Blackies...


This is the time of year some people from Newport start venturing up to Malibu and the points beyond. And if you ever wondered what it is that's behind those large private gated drive ways heading up PCH, here it is...

A little Malibu Beach Cottage

Photo T. Cozad


Yes there was surf yesterday. But Hurricane Amanda was a bust, and it was primarily Southern Hemi swell. This being the biggest Hurricane on record for the month of May however, maybe Newport really is in for a season of El Nino generated swells...

Throw Back Thursday. Hurricane swell and Red Tide, 2005


Matt Binswanger was a local surfer for as long as people in the area can remember. Growing up and attending CDMHS, he surfed both the nooks and crannies of the CDM coastline, as well as throughout Newport. Over the past decade Matt could be found teaching private surf lessons at Blackies with his Newport Surf School. In fact Matt was one of the first independently operated surf schools in the Blackies area.

Matt was a Newport local through and through. He was also a good surfer, he cherished the Point when it broke, and he was a bit of a character at times in the water.

Sadly Matt passed away last week. A Memorial service will be held for him by his brother Danny at LookOut Point in CDM, this Sunday, June 1st, from 6-8pm. If you knew Matt, please try and attend.

RIP Matt...


You can't yell fire in a theater.

And you can't yell shark in a Beach City of 100,000 people.

Yesterday the below official appearing Coast Guard notice began circulating the internet. It started out quietly, and began to gain momentum throughout the morning. And as soon as the Newport Lifeguard Department got wind of it, and clarified that the report was false, the word spread pretty quick that it was a hoax. And by noon the shark hype had quickly died off.

You can maybe get away with distributing something like the notice below on April Fools Day. This site has done similar things for the past 11 years. But while the City of Newport has a lot of ridiculous rules and regulations. There is, and has always been one constant in Newport, and that is that the Newport Beach Lifeguard Department takes all aspects of ocean safety extremely seriously! And putting something like this out for whatever reason is no joke to them.

So, have a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend. Ride some waves. And don't worry about being eaten...


Every Wednesday local surfers Tim and Amy Reda walk a group of frothing young groms down the Board Walk from Newport Elementary to Blackies for their weekly surf lesson. Once there some of the best surfers from Newport and NHHS help teach the excited kids to surf. Endless Sun Surf School is the premier surf school in Newport, taught by Newport surfers! Summer camps start June 16th and private lessons are always available. Click the image below for more info.

Preparing for instruction. The real future of Newport surfing. Yesterday, in Newport.


"Way Back Wednesday"

How many great Newport surfers are in the photo below? Too many to count...

Newport Harbor High Surf Team. Circa 2005


If you know her, odds are you know what's happening in her life right now. Jill Hansen, originally from Hawaii, used to live in Southern California years ago when attending a Fashion Institute. She was also a frequent surfer around town, longboarding Blackies and shortboarding the Upper Jetties. My family really liked surfing and talking with her. But while Jill had an inviting and colorful personality, it was also obvious that she had some issues.

Last week Jill tried to run a women in her 70's over with her car. And she is currently in jail in Honolulu on attempted second degree murder charges. Undoubtedly Newport surfers that knew her hope that she now gets, and accepts, the help that for a long time she has needed.

Click below for more info... And CNN is thinking of doing something about it tonight at 6pm.

"Pinky" in action...

Photo copyright Cozad


There's been nearly a weeks worth of offshore groomed Southern Hemi swell over the past month. That's possible in the Fall, but in the Spring? Pretty unheard of! It seemed at one time or another every sandbar in Newport has been going off. Recently Surfline hit me up to do a local photo feature with H.B.'s Chris Sardelis. And to the shock and dismay of Surfline, and for sure Sardelis, I declined and asked not to be involved. My reasoning, there's way too many epic Newport line-up shots currently floating around the internet right nows. And you have to give huge props to Surfline, while they could have easily found other images, they dropped the project. A big thanks to them for that...

Just pick a sandbar. And if you were patient, there were still a few to be had... Yesterday in Newport.


The Volcom Crew, all revved up. Yesterday, at the VQS World Championships.

Image by Photographer Thomas Green


Throw Back Thursday

They were following schools of fish along the coast, and somehow chased them right onto the shore. In 2006, the Emerald Sea landed at 34th st., and spent the next 48 hours hoping for a tide high enought to lift her off the sandbar. Finally, sometime after midnight, with the beach lit up like Dodger Stadium and a tug offshore, she floated off the sandbar and was pulled back out to sea.


Newport mad scientist Dale Kobetich filmed last week's offshore swell down at Wedge. While not huge it was a rare glimpse at what the Wedge bowl looks like with Santa Ana's blowing into it. Click below for Dale's 2 minute video creation.

Note: No Go Pros were used in the making of this film...

Stiff offshores, last week in Newport.


NHHS's surf team has been busy lately. Saturday they competed in the highly competitive Oakley High School Surf Challenge at Lowers. They made it to the finals, taking home 4th place overall. And Saturday night the team attended the CCSA high school surf team challenge award banquet. After a series of weekend surf contests over the past few months, NHHS's teams took it all, both 1st and 2nd place...

Newport's surfing future...

Click the image below for a Surfline feature from this week's swell. And look for photos from the swell in the upcoming Ghetto Juice Magazine. Additionally, a link to view and download photos of people from the days will eventually be found here.


From Up Close to...

Far Away. The surf looked pretty good this week, in Newport


This pretty much sums up the crowd on the left on Tuesday.


The Newport Epic Meter...

How good was Wed.?

The "2007 Fireswell" was a 10 on the Newport Epic meter. Maxing lined- up South Swell, and 2 straight days of offshore winds.

The October 5th, "Good to Epic swell" was a 9.0 on the Newport Epic meter. Not as large as the 2007 swell, and offshore for only an afternoon, and half a day.

And Tuesday's "Good to Really Good" swell is getting an 8.5. Offshore from morning to sunset but not as big, lined-up or consistent as previous offshore swells. Although it did have great shape due to the combo nature of it.

Note: If the offshore event would have happened a day earlier, during Monday's maxing swell, the Newport Epic Meter would have registered an 11.


A few quick images of the rights up the beach. Kyle, Jared & Alex.


It's pretty obvious that Newport Beach Lifeguard Department is now under the umbrella of the Newport Beach Fire Department..

Do you remember the yellow ones? Newport Lifeguard Department's new Jeep. Yesterday in Newport.


People you should know...

He was the premier local surf photographer back in the day and has worked with, and is respected by, every photographer in the surf industry. He was instrumental in introducing Richie Collins to the world via his camera. And today he is the premier photographic framer to the entire surf industry. If I were asked who was one of my biggest inspirations in photography when I first picked up a camera. It would be this guy, hands down. Heaps of respect to this true legend.

Newport's Dick McCoy. Yesterday in Newport.


Going on it's 11th year of existence, NewportSurfShots.com has an archive of close to 3100 Hotshot photos. And there's a lot of history in that large file of images! Ships that ran a ground, floods in Newport, giant swells, young groms that you'd now recognize today as young men, and a number of historical images.

Today, Thursday, starts a new frequent feature.

The Daily Hotshot's "Throw Back Thursday"... This should be interesting.

For Al to be the great longboarder he is today took a lot of hard work. Here he is 8 years ago with his coach learning to ride the nose of his board.

March 3rd, 2006


Tyler Gunter, Wedge, Yesterday, Easter Sunday_____________________

Not another internet photo of the Blood Moon!

While it looks like it was shot with a cell phone from out of a car window. It was instead taken with a Canon Mark 3 camera, 300 2.8 lens, a cable release, and tripod. And it was taken from the 32nd street lifeguard tower @ 12:55am early yesterday morning by this clueless night photographer.


Frequesnt Newport surfer Erin Ashley has been invited to the invitation only surf contest "9ft and Single" in Bali. She needs a bit of help getting there however as she has no major sponosors to pay her way. So if you have a few spare dollars to donate, please click the image below. No gift is too small or too large. Any and everything helps! Please also share the link. And thank you!

Click the image below to see Erin in action, and/or to help her compete in Bali.

Erin swtichfoot with style. In Newport.



Pay the man!


The photo below was shot during the Offshore October swell of 2013. It ran in Ghetto Juice Magazine, where they identified the surfer as Chase Wilson. However it wasn't. It might have ran on a Surfline photo feature also. Anyway, it just came out on the cover of a local Real Estate Magazine that seems to end up all over town. I can't tell exactly who it is, so if it's you, or you know who it is, make sure to grab a copy of the mag.

? in Deep. In Newport


Susan C. (NHHS's Summer Cozad's mom). Posed on Pink. Yesterday, in Baja.


Eat Healthy. In Newport.


I blame Kelly Slater for making the surfing world aware that it was April Fools yesterday! Normally your average surfer has little clue what the exact date is. But when Slater released his departure announcement from Quik a few minutes after midnight on April 1st, and people started questioning the truth of it based on it being April Fools Day. Every surfer suddenly knew what day it was. And good luck trying to pull off an April Fools joke on them. Damn that Kelly Slater!

Bill Sharp... April Fools!

New Blackball regulations set Monday evening by Newport City Council.

From Bill Sharp, President of Newport Surf Council

As you may have heard, after months of discussion and work by the Newport Surf Council (NSC) and the Blackball Working Group (BWG), a number of modifications to the existing surfing regulations were presented to the Newport Beach City Council for a vote last night. The new proposed rules called for the creation of several all day surfing areas in West Newport and seemed to be moving toward routine Council approval.

However, toward the end of the meeting City Attorney James Rabbitt read from a recent State Supreme Court ruling that found municipalities liable when so-called "dangerous sports" are allowed to be practiced within the city limits. And that surfboards, with their sharp fins, could be grouped into this category. Based on this new ruling and the potential for lawsuits, the City Attorney recommended that the city limit the practice of board surfing for the coming months while a study on the city's liability be assessed. A number of potential regulations were quickly discussed, including one that essentially expanded the existing no-surfing area of 40th to 44th Street by two jetties to the south and three jetties to the north. This would effectively ban surfing from May 1 to October 31 from 28th Street to 56th Street during daylight hours. To the NSC's complete shock, a vote was taken and with zero public comment it was passed by a 4-3 margin. The new law will become effective in 30 days, just in time for summer.

Newport's surfing community will need to organize in the coming days to fight this ban on surfing through public protests and possibly the filing of an injunction to stop implementation of this ban on surfing. If you participate in any form of hardboard surfing activities in the Newport area, please spread the word on this new regulation, and keep up to date on further developments here, and on the NSC Facebook page.

NSC's president Bill Sharp trying to reason with the Newport City Council last night at City Hall.



Local NB/HB surfer Clay Crandal probably logged more water time chasing swells this winter than anyone in Orange County. Towing Baja beach breaks, Charging solid Todos, pulling into Ocean Beach death pits, surfing maxed out Silver Strand and Torrance Beach, and paddling into huge Hawaiian outer reefs.

Clay takes time out from his busy winter, to toss a few up. Last month in Newport.


The City of Newport unveils the trees that will line Balboa Blvd to give it a fresh, new and exciting coastal look and feel...



Let the good shaped Southern Hemi swells begin, in Newport.


Life long Newport local Rod, owner of Fry's Market on 15th st, has been mowing foam like crazy over the past year and is about to take the next step in getting his boards out to the masses. Rod surfs all over town as much as anyone, and through his market does an enomorus amount of charity work for the city of Newport and beyond. Keep your eyes open for Rod's boards, at a local surf break near you.


With all the talk of the missing airline. An airplane photo..

I didn't think you were allowed to fly over a busy airport in a helicopter. But somehow we did.

LAX From Above...


Mark Weiss is the unofficial mayor of surfing at HB Pier. If you see him in Newport, you know either the tide is to high or the surf is too walled at Huntington. Mark is also a master craftsman, having constructed the piece of art below for his house in only 3 weeks..

Not sure how many laws you would be breaking if you had this on your house in Newport. But knowing this city, it's probably a few. Art work by Mark Weiss.


NSS.COM's Throw Back Thursday...

12 year old Victor Done. 2003, 36th st Newport.


Another heli image...

No front yard and no back yard. But one hell of a view! Unique Central Cal home overlooking the ocean.


Erin Ashley, Newport.


Rock and Rolling over a section on Saturday, in Newport.


Last weekend in Newport. Not as monstrous and thick as the rest of the coast, but still plenty fun...

An album of unedited photos from the weekend will be up tomorrow...


I live a few blocks from this guy and his family and we always seem to be in the water at the same time, and I've never really seen or shot him when he was surfing. This past weekend's swell was without a doubt the highlight of the winter, if not the last several winters. And after watching him you had to be really impressed with his surfing.

Vestal's Johnny G at "the other jetty". Yesterday afternoon, in Newport. And Below

Chris Waring, Yesterday. Not Newport.


Click the photo below for a story and photo feature about covering the Central and Southern California Coast all in one day.

If only this was Newport...


I s

NHHS Junior student Preston D.. Last week in Newport.


Interesting useless info from NewportsurfShots.com

The city of Newport has been working all along Balboa Blvd the past month, and it's supposed to last many more weeks. What are they doing you ask?

On the beach side, on the sidewalk, they are going to put in large trees, and large rectangle planters. Dumb idea, as late night party goers coming home from the bars will rip out the plants plus leave their alcohol bottles and trash in them. On the inland side of the street, they are going to drape ivy plants over all the walls that separate the sidewalk from people's home. Strange.

To scale artist rendering.


Want to know everything there is to know about the recent "Maverick's Swell"?

Click the photo below...

Somewhere North of River Jetties....


It's been pretty amazing to have watched this guy grow up. He was about 9 when I first started shooting him. He was just a polite and really quiet kid that surfed from sun up to sun down back then. And he had no reservations to paddle into a frothing crowd of older Newport surfers, grab every wave he could and make them take notice. Well today everyone in Newport's surf community does take notice when he's he the water, and does know who he is. Yesterday, as another fun day of surf rolled into town, there were 3 cameras, one videographer, and one water photographer all trying to nail photos of him surfing. And I realized then that he had become the great surfer that as a little kid he had envisioned and had worked so hard to be...

F54 then to Rip Curl and now to RVCA Clothing. Colin Moran has a new home. Yesterday, in Newport.


you've got to have a photo of a longboarder from the South Side to represent here... Yesterday in Newport.


More fun surf in Newport yesterday. And more solid surfing by Lower Jetties standout Michael B. This kid is getting ridiculously good! And while not officially sponsored by anyone currently, when he starts looking for one, a company would be nuts not to sponsor him!

Michael B. going long, and going short. And yes he rode out both waves to the beach. Yesterday in Newport.


It's Valentine's Day and love is in the air... At Blackies.


That's one way of doing it. Levi P.


South African Grant "Twiggy" Baker is a legend! Twiggy won for the second time the Mav's event last month. Even though the event brought tens of thousands of dollars to the Half Moon Bay community, will be televised in an up coming TV special, and was a major media event in the surf industry... Twiggy's 1st place prize this year, $12,000. Ridiculous!

Click the photo below for a full profile on Grant "Twiggy" Baker

Photo Copyright Tom Cozad. From Mav's event 2006


Because people keep asking where the heck is the stuff we shot up and down the coast last week?!

Below is an ok example of the kind of stuff we got. This one actually has too much glare in it.

Look for a Surfline slide show in the coming weeks...

The Queen of the Coast... In California.



Part III

Break Down

The morning of the Mav's event we awoke before dawn at a hotel in Salinas and hauled tail to the airport to get up in the air before sunrise, Suited up for the flight in winter gear, 3 cameras and 6 lenses strategically placed, and the heli fueled up. We were seat belted in the copter and ready to fly the rest of the way to contest. And when we turned the key to the heli, nothing happened. Again... and nothing. Shit! The copter was dead. Numerous calls went out in the dark of the morning to ultra qualified mechanics that could help us troubleshoot the problem. In the end it was suggested that due to our tight schedule we jump start the copter. Perhaps if we got it running it would recharge the battery. And that's what we did. My last transmission to shocked Surfline editor Dave Gilovich as dawn broke, "F*#K yea it worked, we are in the air"!

The 1 hour flight to Mavs along the coast was exceptionally beautiful with waves peeling long and powerful down each of the Santa Cruz points.. Yea it was cloudy. But you just don't get to see that big of a swell from the air. Arriving at Mav's it was... Well it's was what it is when shooting the event from the water. A well orchestrated circus showcasing big wave bravado.. And we spent a good amount of time buzzing the break in circles shooting it.

Around noon we landed at Half Moon Bay airport behind the event to pick up a San Francisco based photog. Our gear was stacked in his truck, another door was taken off, we were fueled and strapped in, and ready to go. All instruments looked good. But once we tried to start the copter. Again... nothing! This time we called an expert copter mechanic 45 minutes away in Wattsonville. He could maybe fix it but it would take him hours to get to us. So the decision was made to jump start the copter again and fly straight to him. The only problem was the Half Moon Bay airport mechanic didn't want to crawl under our copter and help jump start it. To great of a liability was his excuse. So, I somehow was volunteered to do it. As I crawled under the heli and looked up into the dark engine shaft, they just kept saying over and over, "make sure you pull the black plug first. "make sure you pull the black plug off first"!! Something about it could cause a giant spark and maybe a fire! The black jumper cable came off easily after ignition. But sticking my hand into the dark engine case of the whirling copter and trying to feel around for the red cable to release.... Scary shit! Once in the air, we blew past Mav's as the semi final was entering the water.

A slew of mechanics ran out as we landed on Wattsonville's airport tarmac. They were all wondering what the hell was up with our copter. The problem was diagnosed pretty quickly. The battery had died of old age. We had jumped started it, twice, which you aren't supposed to do. The battery had then cracked. And acid was now leaking all over the engine case and terminals. I was ok with that explanation. Until the chief mechanic told us we were really lucky the battery didn't blow up when we were in the air. The take home message to all. Don't jump start your helicopter battery. Within hours the copter was fixed and we were up again. But as for covering the rest of the Mav's event that day. I watched the finals of the big wave event on a computer in the mechanic's office. Welcome to aviation.

"I'm not crawling under there!" Airport mechanic, Half Moon Bay


Getting to the beach is a lot easier in So. Cal. Saturday Nor Cal.

Photo copyright Cozad/Hamlin


Trying to save at least one parcel of drought stricken farmland. In California

Photo copyright Cozad/Hamlin


Part II

Dry Land

Sitting in the cockpit of the Robsinson 44 heli as helicopter owner and pilot Howard Hamlin was doing his ground check, I got a call from forecaster Jonathan Warren. It would be our last correspondence with Surfline before takeoff.. The question on everyone's mind was if the forecasted clouds the next day for the Mav's would stay offshore. And would the high pressure build in Friday night and give us clear skies for our photo mission down the coast on Saturday. Nothing in life is certain, and we have canceled two heli missions within an hour of takeoff before. But all the intel this time pointed to a high probability that we should go. And off we flew

On the way up it was too hazy to shoot much along the Southern California coast. And once we saw Santa Barbara completely wind blown, we made a right hook over the mountains. And flew along Hwy 101 and through the Valley And what we saw was staggering! Where should have been lush green farmland, was now nothing more than patches of brown dry dirt. Rolling green hills were now nothing more than lumps of dry brush. And wide expansive flowing rivers were now thin strands of trickling water. It was devastating! A crop duster at the airport we stayed in Salinas that night told us they should have fourteen inches of rain by now this winter. They barely have a single one. When food prices rise and next Fall's fire season arrives the people of California are going to realize the severity of the drought in the State of California..

Part III "So you jump started your helicopter!". coming soon.

Got Water?

Photo Cozad/Hamlin


Part I

The Shoot

For nearly 5 years we have been planning a helicopter photo shoot that would cover the entire coast. San Francisco to Long Beach, in one day. What was needed was a day when the swell, weather, and wind conditions would all align and be ideal to shoot the entire 420 miles of coastline. Weeks ago we saw the models like everyone else. A giant storm coming off Japan that was forecast to grow like few before it as it moved East. This monster of a storm looked to produce giant waves all along the West Coast. And the big fat high pressure over California looked like it wasn't going anywhere, and would give us the weather and wind conditions we needed. Last Saturday we felt was going to be the day we'd waited 5 years for.

Preparations for the shoot began last Monday, and when Wednesday came along and they called for the Mavericks Event, we decided to throw that into the shoot too. But nothing in life runs smoothly, at least not in my life anyway. And the high pressure seemed like it was breaking down as the week went on. Which would have resulted in poor lighting conditions for the Maverick's. And for Saturday the weather forecast was becoming highly uncertain. Deciding to put a million dollar gas guzzling piece of machinery up into the air for 3 days was becoming more and more questionable, and trying to make that ultimate decision was stressful. Thank God for Surfline! They pulled out all the stops on this one for us. The best surf forecasters in the world continuously consulted with us. Along with one of the best meteorologist in the business. And on top of that we had legendary surf media guru Dave Gilovich to bounce ideas off of during the decision process.

In the end, we decided to go for it. So Thursday I showed up at Long Beach airport in the warmest ski wear I could find, and the door to the helicopter was taken off. And we headed north on a 3 day photo mission. To say the least the entire trip was surreal. And while we had some mechanical problems with the helicopter on Friday while trying to cover the Mavericks, by Saturday morning, we were in perfect mechanical shape and amped for the mission. And I think we captured images of Santa Cruz, Monterey Bay, Big Sur, Morro Bay and Point Conception, to name just a few, that are geographically significant, and perhaps one of a kind. Plus some of the images we shot Friday going up through the valley I believe are historical in the sense that they demonstrate the severity of the current California drought. And oh yea, and we got some cool surf photos too! In summary, for me it was one of the greatest things I have ever done, and not only did I get to check it off my "bucket list". After the unique adventure, I'm willing to throw the "bucket list" away. Thanks to Howard Hamlin, pilot and helicopter extraordinaire, for everything!

Part II. The Ride Up, coming soon... Because now there are 11,000+ photos to look through...

The reason why Southern California doesn't receive swell greater than 300 degrees in direction?

It can't get around this huge land mass. Point Conception. Saturday




Expression session winner: Hunter Ellis Longboard Division: 1. Seth Parry 2. Hunter Ellis 3. Luna Reyna 4. Mick Quindazzi Shortboard Division: 1. Hunter Ellis 2. Mick Quindazzi 3. Luna Reyna 4. Seth Parry



Which is why it's a good idea to get out of Newport to surf in the Winter... Yesterday in Newport.


The hype for the possible January 19th swell has already begun, and the storm that might produce the surf hasn't even formed yet. Regardless people are wondering will the Mav's event go? Will Todos be 150ft? Will Newport finally break this winter? Or will the swell be a bust? Who knows... Keep an eye on your favorite surf forecast website over the next week to find out.

Sitting inside here, might not be a good idea... @ Maverick's

Photo Copyright T. Cozad.


A perfect wave doesn't always lead to a perfect ride... In Newport.


A decade ago in Newport there was Nick Johnson, shown below. He was without a doubt one of the best surfers in Newport at the time. In High School he won every surf event that came his way, and after graduating he was picked up by Oneill. Oneill then sent him to compete throughout Europe and Nick was on his way to being the next big thing in surfing from this area. Unfortunately however, Nick injured his knee early in his career to the point that he was in chronic pain whenever he surfed. And rather abruptly Nick walked away from surfing. Nick's still around the area now days, and for many is still missed in the water.

"NickBoy". Jan. 2005, in Newport.


Inspired by photographic boredom. This images was taken Saturday afternoon by climbing to the highest point possible above the hills of Newport.

In the top photo, to the right are the Balboa and Newport Piers and the Newport Bay. The bottom photo was shot by pointing a telephoto lens straight ahead. Those palm trees are at the Wedge, and in the background is Catalina's highest peak. Yea whatever, we need some real waves...

No heli was used in the making of these photos. In Newport


Time to put away the lights, the Holiday season is over. In Newport.


A lot of building going on in town. The residents in the bay front trailer park on 16th St. have all been evicted and the park is currently being demolished. And if you were wondering what was in store for the bay front area where both Russell Surfboards and Newport Surf & Sport used to be back in the day, those plans are below...


The Year in Review... 2013

2013 was not a stellar year for surf in Newport. We had a good run in the Spring, Summer had a few moments of brilliance, but not many. And Fall was all about just one day, October 5th. And the Winter so far.. Well, don't ask..

No large ships ran aground this year in Newport, fortunately no one drowned while surfing, and the city didn't move around the sand of our beaches. 2013 was one of the quieter years within the surf community of Newport. And that's a good thing...

2014 is shaping up be an interesting one. There's no telling if the surf will come. But there might be a few changes as to where and when you surf in the City of Newport. Keep up to date on what's happening with Newport's Surf Council and BlackBall regulations throughout the year...

Have a great 2014!

October 5, 2013.

Not as good as the "2009 Fire Swell". If it had stayed offshore as the tide dropped throughout the day however. It would have been better!



Recently I was in Baja and this stretch of road, located about 8 miles north of the Ensenada Toll Booth, was being heavily worked on. They had both directions down to just one lane. Word was there were cracks in the pavement, perhaps due to the rains that occurred earlier that week. Days later a 4.6 earthquake centered South of Ensenada occurred which no doubt extended those cracks and ultimately lead to what you see here. Plan those Baja trips accordingly...


An extremely friendly retired gentleman we call the "Sweeper" lives on 32nd st. He has an interesting past. He used to be the assistant for an Arab prince for many decades. Last year his son came to visit him on Christmas Eve and they set up a Christmas tree on the sand at 32nd st. They put lights on it that were powered by a small battery. And left it up for a few hours.
This year however the "Sweeper's" family went all out. They picked up a tree on Christmas Eve from a closing lot. And stuck it on the sand, decorated it with solar powered lights, lots of Christmas ornaments, and left it there all night and throughout Christmas Day. To say the least, there was a parade of people walking out to the tree from the boardwalk, scratching their heads wondering were it came from, and taking photos with it. And when night came, they removed it. And the city never had their chance to fine them for whatever silly law that it was that they had surely broken. And next year? There's an even bigger plan...

The most photographed Christmas tree in Newport.


From our family to you and yours.

A very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year!


Wednesday of last week the Newport Harbor Boat Parade opened with fireworks off the Newport Pier. When was the last time fireworks were shot off that pier?? And Sunday the parade ended, and the city did their best not to blow up the Balboa Pier.

Finally the city does something kinda cool with your money...

Wednesday, Newport.

Sunday, Balboa


Newport People...

Newport's Chiron Stewart and "Lugo". Post evening surf session. Yesterday in Newport.


The Weekend in Review

The story this weekend in town, outside of the DUI checkpoint at 32nd st, was there was no story, surf wise anyway. A bump in South, a tad of NW, yea whatever. What the surf community did care about was what was happening on the North Shore. The Pipe Masters appeared on computer, TV and iphone screens, and the local waters were pretty cleared out by then because of it.

Lower Jetty groms gather to watch drama and carage at Pipe. Saturday in Newport.


Remember, this Holiday Season, drinking and driving don't mix...

The death of the 24th St. Bus Stop... Wednesday In Newport


The 2013-14 NW Swell Season so far this year.

Lots of great Sunrises & Sunsets... but not a lot of surf.

December, 2013. In Newport


Guess which one's the Dano?


Newport returns to it's typical winter self...

Almond's Gully A. making the most of high tide crumble. Yesterday in Newport...


With 5 foot of swell on the buoys, Newport got it's share of surf late last week. Although going south was a better call. If you stayed in town and had patience you got a few. Click the photo below for images from last Friday from photog Dave Manning.

After the flat spell from hell, Jamie Reidling finally gets to put his new Estrada to the test...Friday in Newport.

Photo by Dave Manning


While you're waiting for the upcoming swells. Click the photo below and check out the Billabong Awards XXL Event site that was just launched.


Greg Long on a late afternoon XXL hump., South Of The Border.

(Photo Copyright Cozad)


I don't mean to be a wetsuit snob, but guys should not wear Roxy wetsuits. Saturday in Newport.


Once again... If you see an image like this here. You know the surf in Newport has been garbage...


Two of the very best shapers in town. Doing two very similar turns... In Newport.


Do you have a few boards that you want to get rid of? Well Sakal Surfboards in H.B. is offering cash for used boards!

Check them out at the address below or click the image for a link to their website.

201A Main Street
Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Not every board has resale value...


Family Affair

Troy, Banyan, Tosh & Lanae. At home in Newport..

Passing on your love for the ocean , is what it's all about...


Air Wars...

Dale Kobetich's custom built RC camera carrying helicopters are legendary! But there are other small time manufactures making somewhat similar inexpensive machines. And now Shores Crew Kingpin Lugo has one. Undoubtedly look for some amazing video and frame grabs from Lugo in the near future. And don't be surprised if Dale now arms his Heli...


After 3 excruciating months out of the water. Word is this Blackies local's doctors might let her back in the water in a few weeks!

Summer... In Newport


The Last word, for a while, on the Newport Surf Council's Blackball Battle.

Click her to see the recent Surfline feature on the Newport Surf Council.

Click here to see the Newport Surf Council's website

Click here to join the Newport Surf Council's Facebook Page.

And thanks for everyones support!

Stay Informed

If you'd like to contact the Newport Surf Council with your general thoughts you can email: newportsurfcouncil@gmail.com

To stay informed of the Newport Surf Council's progress with the City click here, fill out form, and you'll be added to our contact list.

For more background info on Newport's Blackball laws and the surfing zones recommended to the City in 1995, click here.


The Newport Surf Council petitions Newport Beach's BlackBall Working Group.

Last month the City of Newport Beach held an open forum to discuss the City's current Blackball Surfing Policy.
A wide range of suggestions by a number of people were presented to the City's newly formed BlackBall Working Group.

After the open forum it was decided by a group of Newport residents that the Newport Surf Council, under the direction of it's Chair, Bill Sharp, should regroup, retool and reconvene. The Council's initial objective has been to draft one clear and concise proposal and present it to the City's Blackball Working Group.

The letter below is that final proposal, and it was been sent to the City's Blackball Working Group Thursday morning. If you surf Newport it is important that you take a few minutes and read the proposal now. And if you agree with the Newport Surf Council's recommendations, it is urgent that you email the City's BlackBall Working Group today and show your support. Their email is below.

Thank You, and Happy Surfing in Newport...








It's out! And you need one! The NHHS Surf Team 2014 Calendar has hit the streets. Over the next month students will be canvassing the area selling them. Or you can get one at Surf Side Sports! For $15.00 you get a calendar with tide charts, some pictures of local rippers, and you're able to help out a local high school!

NHHS Surf Team Calendar cover boy Norton Chandler. In Newport.


In Newport there are laws for everything! If can you think of it, chances are you can't do it in this city. Surprisingly in Newport however there is no law against riding a horse around town! As long as you clean up the poop, it is legal! Pretty cool...

Long time family friend Gina R. and friend bar hopping in costume, and on horse! Yesterday @ 23rd st in Newport.


Click the image below for a slideshow of last weeks Blackies Halloween Surf.

And click here for many more images of the event.


Low clouds, a dropping tide, a small windswell swell and a touch of fog didn't deter anyone from showing up for the Blackies Halloween Surf last Saturday. This year was as big as ever! Check back as it gets closer to Halloween this week for a slideshow of the event!



Photos from Sept. 5th again? Click the photo below for the Surfline feature..

You think you're going to be the only one out on one the best days of surf in Newport in years. Think again! There's 50 frothing surfers behind this wave, all stink eyeing each other and wondering who the hell's to blame for letting this wave go by with nobody on it!


If you have something you would like to say to Newport's newly formed BlackBall Working Group. Please send it to..




A little History of 40 - 44th St. no surfing ordinance

Around the Summer of 1979 our little crew of surfers hung out at Ted Demond's house on the beach at 43rd St., and 40 - 44th St. was our local surf spot. In July of that year a small crew of us went to San Blas, Mexico on a little surf trip. The morning after we returned we were surfing out front of Ted's house, as usual, when the yellow lifeguard jeep pulled up and told us that the area was Blackballed to surfing and was now a Boogie Board only spot! We were in utter shock! How could this have happened without some kind of notice. No one in our crew had heard anything about it!!

There were two rumors of how it did come about floating around back then. One was that a Council Women's son was a Boogie Boarder and during a late night City Council meeting she introduced and got passed the no surfboard Blackball ordinance. The second rumor was that two City Councilmen owned rental units in the area, and felt their weekly rental property would be more valuable if surfers were abolished from the area. Weeklies prefer to walk out front of their beach house and play in the water without the worry of getting run over by someone on a surfboard.

Yes we were mad as hell and felt it was unfair. But we were young, stupid and clueless and instead of trying to fight City Hall over the new ordinance, our little crew instead spread out and moved over to the 44th jetty to surf, and walked down to 36th St. when necessary. To be honest 40- 44th didn't have all that great of surf anyway back then. But over the years the place has developed into a pretty good surf spot when the conditions are right. In fact it's now a wave that most surfers in the area feel is frequently better than 36th or 44th St. jetties. And it's probably time that the surf community of Newport take a look at asking for the surf spot back from the City. Or at least making the times that it is off limit to us a little more fair and tolerable.


BlackBall Watch 2013

There hasn't been this much hype about an issue that effects Newport's surf community since the city had planned on filling in all the jetties in Newport with sand a decade ago. The Great BlackBall debate has begun. And every surfer in town wants something out of it or has an opinion about it. Separated surf and swim zones, the Wedge blackball ordinances altered, the 40th to 44th St. Boggie zone repealed, and even cries of doing away with BlackBall entirely in the City of Newport have been suggested.

The Background...

The word is Councilwoman Nancy Gardener wanted to look at the BlackBall regulations for her district in CDM. Now Nancy is fair and very knowledgeable about the ocean. In fact she used to be president of the local Surfrider Foundation Chapter before she got into local politics. So Nancy figured the city should have a forum about BlackBall issues in CDM and get the community's input. And then she thought, heck why not go ahead and get input from citizens about all the BlackBall ordinances.

The Probable Outcomes...

There is no way the city will even consider doing away with all local BlackBall ordinances, and those that are planning on suggesting it are going to be seriously disappointed. What it sounds like the city might be willing to do though is extending the time of BlackBall here and there, perhaps moving around the current dates by a month or two, or maybe even allowing greater access to surfing in an area of Newport during the Summer months. But nothing in Newport's City government happens quickly, ever! And this pubic outreach is but the first in a very long 5 or so step process of getting a proposal to the City Council. Where it can be opened up to public discussion and voted on.

A few proposals for the committee to strongly consider... Opening the Wedge to tow surfing between the hours of 10am - 5pm. Make The Point off limits to anyone without a Newport-Costa Mesa zip code. Make Blackies an SUP and kayak only surf zone. Make 28th St for only Boogie Boarding in the Summer and 40th St for only surfing. And allow everyone between 52nd - 56th St jetties to do whatever they want.

Newport's future Summer Surf Zone?? Don't bet on it.


There's no one in Newport whose opinion I value more about dealing with our city than this guy, Bill Sharp.

Read below an article that Sharp appeared in for Surfer Magazine in 1995 pertaining to how he went about changing Newport's previous BlackBall ordinance.





The BlackBall Story revisited...

"The Point", Blackball & Jail!

By T. Cozad

During the Summer of 1972 one of the best hurricane swells ever hit "The Newport Point", and everyone was out. Lenny Foster, Jackie Dunn, Jack Briggs, Billy Pells, John Van Ornum... These guys were barrel specialist and charged everything from Pipe to huge Mainland Mex. and they were all on it.

Back then the lifeguards used to throw up Blackball at noon like clockwork. And if it was crowded with bodysurfers, sooner. On this particular day they raised the dreaded Blackball flag at 10am, and everyone was mad as hell! I was one of the groms in the water that day, and along with a few other older surfers, decided to ignore the police and lifeguards, stay in the water, and keep surfing.

This did not sit well with the local authorities, and the lifeguards soon brought in the Fire Boat from the Harbor, cranked up the high pressure hose, and fired it at us, hoping to force us out of the water. I have to admit that thing hurt! And it wasn't long before I, along with the few others still out, headed in. I paddled up to 19th St. and caught a left that took me around "The Point", and far down by the Newport Pier, hoping no one would see me coming in. As I hit the sand this big guy in wet shorts and a tank top grabbed me by the arm. I had no idea who he was and started swinging my board and swearing at him. Bad move, come to find out he was an off duty Orange County Sheriff, and he easily over powered me and drug me to the police postioned at 19th street.

By now people were beginning to throw sand at the authorities, and it appeared a full scale riot would break out. They quickly tossed me and another guy in the back of a police jeep, and whisked us away to Blackies parking lot. Once in the lot they transferred us to a police car for the ride to the police station. In the car was this older surfer I'd never seen before. He was a complete wacko! He began trying to kick out the windows, while yelling obscenities at the officers. This went on all the way to the police station, and I did all I could to let them know that I was in no way associated him.

Once at the police station, the station located where City Hall was on 32nd st, they put me into a little room that contained only one wooden chair and a small window. And that's when their fun began. They tired to scare me shitless! Telling me I was going to be locked up for a long time for disorderly conduct, unruly behavior, assaulting a police officer, ignoring Blackball... They even told me I had broken some law about screaming obscenities in public! And when I began shivering in my dripping wet springsuit, and I asked for a towel. They got a good laugh by tossing me a little wash rag. After a couple hours they called my dad, and he and a neighbor rode down on their bikes and got me out. No charges were filed, but needless to say when Blackball goes up now days, I'm usually the first one to the beach.

And years later, when I sat down in my seat for the first day of high school driver education class. Guess who walks in as the instructor? The off duty Orange County Sheriff who dragged me off the beach that day! Damn I thought, that guy is everywhere!

Locked in a little Brown Barrel... @ 5-4.


Surfline has a new feature on it, Local Photos. Photogs from around the world are picked to have their images in galleries, and people can download them. I helped develop this feature from day one, so instead of sending my images out to those that wanted to look at them, I've instead put them all up in the Local Photos section. Dumb maybe, but we'll see how it goes. There's no line-up shots but there's nearly 300 photos of local surfers on the recent epic Newport day. Thanks for everyone's patience while I tried to figure out the technology of working with Surfline's new site.

Click the photo below...

Every once in a while, Newport actually gets pretty good...


Offshore winds are also good for flying a kite... Saturday in Newport.



You can be pretty darn sure, he did not make it out. In Newport.


A Surfline photo Feature?! Click the photo below...

He can hide behind the sun screen mask. And the rock jetty.. But the camera is still gonna find him! Pat T., Saturday in Newport.


The Weekend in Review?... Are you kidding?

A link here to an album of people's photos utilizing Surfline's new Local Photos feature, later this week.

"Spides" ruled the morning. And

Chase ruled the afternoon,



The Board Alley


Newport People

If you surf Newport on a regular basis, you undoubtedly know who these guys are...


Click the image below for images from last weekend's Newport Surf City Championships, taken by local surf photo Dave Manning.

The sponsors behind last weekend's event.

Lost's.. Joe Alani & Arnette's Brent Beardon.

Photo Cozad


Everything you always wanted to know about the Wedge from Spencer and Bobby, and more...

Click the photo below...

Big and Powerful but not the best shaped wave in the world! Da Wedge.

Photo Cozad




One of the best days Newport has ever seen..

Tyler Hosseini in the barrel, and Spencer Pirdy with arms raised in celebration! The Fireswell. Oct. 2007


Who the heck has the energy to play freshman quarterback for NHHS and surf both long and shortboard divisions for the NHHS surf team??

Newport's Michael Bonds does. Yesterday in Newport.


Newport's weekend in review.

A really fun combo swell, fog that drifted in and out, a knock down drag out fight at the Upper Jetties, a Rave Music Fest at Brookhurst where you could hear the music all the way to the Newport Pier and a very somber remembrance throughout town of a legendary local...



Don't you miss them?? Last Week in Newport.


Under the direction of legendary surf coach Scott Morlan, NHHS used to hold there morning team practice at 54th St. This went on for as far back as anyone can remember. Morlan however used to get crap about the couple days of practice each week from a few that surfed there however. And then the City started responding to those people's gripes, and the surf team practice was moved down to 61 St. to keep the peace.

On a side note Morlan recently retired after over 3 decades at NHHS. And on the first day of school this year he was seen paddling out by himself to super fun shoulder high peaks south of the pier. "I feel like I should be checking students in to class this morning" said Morlan,, "but none the less it feels good to be in the water" Legend!

One of NHHS's top women surf team members, Tehya. Wednesday in Newport.

Photo Summer Cozad


Daddy's Girl...

When my daughter was far too young we took her in the ocean, stood her on a surfboard, and shoved her towards the beach. She has uncanny balance, and rode it all the way to the sand, walked out of the water and asked if she could now go back to her dolls. Not interested. Over the years however we spent most weekends and vacations as a family surfing. And by 6th grade she had fallen in love with surfing longboards. And now at 14 she's actually getting really good. From a father's point of view I could care less if she rode every wave to the beach, or fell off on every one of them. What I've found is that surfing with my daughter for me has been the ultimate parent/child bonding ritual. Since I can remember when something was really bothering her we'd head out on boards where inbetween waves we'd just talk things out. And while pulling info out of her about her school day has always been near impossible! Paddle out with her after school, and she discusses everything down to what she had for lunch.

Recently my daughter had surgery, and is out of the water for a few months, and it's driving her crazy! So to keep her in tune with the surf, and to do her part for the NHHS surf team while healing. I've stuck a camera in her hand and had her point it towards the ocean. And yesterday she took her very first surf photo. And while standing next to her sounded like a rapid fire machine gun, and a lot of the photos were blurry images of the sky and water, there were a few gems. Look for more images here over the next month by Newport's newest surf shooter.

First day of NHHS surf team practice. Yesterday in Newport

Photo by Summer Cozad. Cropping, Color Correcting and Sharpening by Tom Cozad



A lot was going on this past Labor Day weekend in Newport. Saturday there was all time surf from late morning until Sunset at a lot of sandbars in Newport. Thank a steep short interval SSE swell and a lack of wind for it. Sunday, Newport once again employed horses to patrol the local beaches. Thank The City Of Newport for the piles of horse crap you might step in. Sunday night a boat carrying about a dozen people slammed into the Balboa Pier. Thank the fog that rolled in just before sunset for that one. And Monday afternoon, with fog hugging the coast, a fresh little tropical swell rolled into town. Thank Kiko for that. And today... Well today is a wonderful and joyous day in Newport, because they have all gone home!! Thank you great people of the Inland Empire and beyond for that.

The Groms are back in school today, and

we get our city back today, because they've all gone home! In Newport.



Garages are getting cleaned. People are going to the mountains, the lake or the river. Family time is at an all time high. The 2013 August of small surf continues...

If you've ever ordered a board from one of the talented shapers at Pure Glass no doubt this guy has had his hands on your board. Austin G. is one of the most talented glassers in the business, and easily one of the best longboarders in Newport.

With little surf to ride, Austin takes his longboarding skills to the street. Yesterday, in Newport.


Let's try this again...

Two years ago I began consulting with the powers that be at Surfline in assisting them in building a mega surf photo website. A surf photo website unlike anyone has ever attempted. And believe me, I've seen a lot of people's attempts! It is not my place to say what Surfline's new mega photo website, called "Local Photos", is or isn't. That information will be released by Surfline when they are ready, and their entire site is officially launched. But my take on their huge and extremely expensive endeavor is that it will change not only how you view and purchase images of yourself surfing, but it will change the way people check out surf images from throughout the world.

Please click the photo below and sign up to follow NewportSurfShots.com's images as they are posted, as well as others photogs you might like. This "Local Photos" site is still in the Beta testing phase, but there are a lot photographer's images to view..

A local photo. Copyright Cozad


Waiting, Waiting, Waiting... For Surf!


Welcome to the 2013 Summer Flat Spell...


Surfers are resourceful when it comes to finding surf. This spot in Baja last week went pancake flat during high tide. But then someone noticed that as the swell bounced off the cliff during high tide it made a little piece of whitewater that ran down the beach. And the next thing you know they where on it.

Ross Sinclair and Trent C. scramble during the cliff whitewater bounce...

and later Dylan Cotton scores a cliff bounce monster... Last week in Baja.


Fourteen frothing Newport surfers in Baja, and the surf is maxing out at knee high, on the sets. So the emphasis of the trip changes to exploring and other things.

Story time, in Baja


In case you were wondering if the surf is bigger in Baja this week, than the surf is in Newport. Here's your answer...

NHHS's Cole S., yesterday afternoon in Baja...


Off to Baja. Unfortunately no swell, so no Scorpion Bay, oh well... There is however all kinds of Newport surfers on the trip. Women, girls, NHHS shortboarders, Blackies longboarders. Check back this week for a few images of undoubtedly someone you know.

Sometimes there's waves, in Baja...

(photo copyright Cozad)


Waiting, Waiting, Waiting for winter...

Rusty Long paddling, Clay Crandel going over with the lip, and Tom C. and XXL Photog Rob Keith are shooting. Rob got caught by either this set or the next one and rolled his ski so it was upside down. Luckily he put his camera in his Pelican case before he got hit. The only damage, besides a dunk in the ocean and a little embarrassment, was his sack lunch got wet. Rob is a legend. And Clay is on his way to becoming one!


SuperMan surfs Newport...


People That Surf...

Having been down in the Lower Jetties area, except when away at school, for nearly 35 years I've had the opportunity to witness the emergence of a good portion of the surfers that end up making a name for themselves later in the Upper Jetties. The Lower Jetties has always been one of the main learning areas and launching pads for young surfers in Newport, especially during the Summer. And surfing with and watching these kids year after year has provided a crystal ball into what the future of Newport's surfing talent looks like. There's dozens and dozens of kids this year in the Lower Jetties! More than there has been in the past decade. Surfing seems to have reemerged with kids in the area, and in a big way, especially with the girls. Having said that, there is one name that can be thrown out there to keep an eye on. While still in the extremely early stages of her surfing development, it would be hard to find another grom that puts in as much time, effort and dedication towards her progression in the sport of surfing. Keep an eye out for this 14 year old girl as she moves up the jetty ranks, and like those before her, give her some encouragement.

Becca S., Lower Jetties, Newport.



If in the Malibu area this summer, check out Newport's Surf Junkie Jeff at Dukes Wed. nights as he M.C.'s a surf industry party night with give aways! The event runs through the end of August with the proceeds going to charity.

Announcer, M.C., narrator and radio host. One of the best of them all! Jeff M., in Newport.


The guy below showed up surfing in the Lower Jetties a lot last week, he was staying there. People surfing the area thought he was really, really good at longboarding. Come to find out he was from Florida and said he was here to surf the U.S. Open Longboard Comp, and we thought he had a good chance of doing well in it. He however wasn't so sure... Well he did do ok. He won.

Florida's Justin Quintal, last week in Newport.



Dustin"Duddy" Hein, his creative bride Felicidad, and D. Shea have put together a little surf video!

Click the image below and check the 2 minute video out...

Vintage Duddy


The weekend in review

More South wind, more high tide, more South Swell. Ground Hog day continues... Again, interval to long for that place on south side of pier. Lower jetties had the best shape, but crowd remains ridiculous. NHHS had their second team tryouts at 61st, and everyone lived, again. West Newport without a doubt got the blunt of the swell. And word is Hovie got one of the biggest and deepest barrels of the weekend, on his SUP. And as Hovie would say, "If I wasn't on my SUP, I'd be getting the biggest and best set waves on my regular board anyway"...

Celebrating another South Wind textured swell! Saturday evening in Newport.



I had covered the U.S. Open for Surfline for 6 years in a row in the past, and to be honest I burned out, and hope to never have to step foot at the event again. In that time I saw and shot a lot of crazy stuff happening. But there was one constant, and one comforting thought when I think of the U.S. Open, and that is the voice of Fig announcing the event. Vans has decided to pull Fig from announcing this year, which would have been his 20th. And that is a very dumb move!





Girls just wanna have fun, too. Yesterday in Newport.


Heading from 32nd st to 51st, particularly along Seashore Ave, flattened piles of horse manure remain from the 4th of July. Why the city didn't scoop up the piles the next day is puzzling and has upset many of the local residents. It is against the law in the area to spray down your house with water. The city will write you a ticket of a $100.00 for it. It is felt the dirt will find it's way into the bay. But it is ok to leave piles of horse dung laying in the streets?

Newport's hired guns, ready to dish out a lot of shit. 4th of July in Newport.



July 4, 2013

Another 4th of July is in the books. There were more police horses this year, 20 was the rumor. And yes, they left their shit everywhere!! It also appeared that there were less arrests, but more medical runs this year. Banners were hung this year along Balboa Blvd weeks ago that said "4th of July is for Families". And it was, evident by the local resident parade and carnival. But once the family activities were over, it was business as usual, and the mayhem quickly began. They didn't close Balboa Blvd this year, but left Seashore open, which just drove the sea of people down that street instead. And the police put a 360 degree camera high up on the 36th lifeguard tower so they could continually survey the area. Very creative! If you were here undoubtedly you saw a lot of crazy stuff going on, and if you weren't, then you must have enjoyed a 4th of July somewhere that was much more civil.

A few images from the 4th of July in Newport

The Good...

Captain America is here to save you!

Five girls for every boy!

The Bad...

Newport police do not discriminate...

They arrest women too..

And the Ugly

Please, please don't touch it!

And... It doesn't get any uglier than that!


July 4th, 2013

Have a Safe and Sane 4th of July! In Newport


Wed., July 3rd

Tomorrow, July 4th 2013, is the "Daily Hotshot's" 10 year anniversary. It's been an interesting run. Below is the first shot of Wedge that ever appeared here, many many South Swells ago.

Did someone lose something?


"I loved Cosme, but Im ready to move onto Dalila"

The story the past weekend was the first Hurricane swell of the season! Filling in Friday Hurricane Cosme was accompanied by clear skies, fog, clear skies, fog and then more fog. It was nice to have somewhere but Da Wedge for everyone in town to focus on during a bombing swell for once. The short interval was doing what short intervals do in the underwater canyon south of the pier and there was moments of brilliance throughout the weekend there. The Lower Jetties while obviously smaller, actually had some of the best shape seen all year. And you could get good runners in the mid and upper jetties if you didn't mind paddling your ass off to stay in one place. Because of the 150 degree temperatures inland, Newport had the pleasure of hosting the entire Inland Empire, and Blackball went up way to early at a lot of spots for how good the surf was. And because of the inland high pressure and all the moisture in the air off the coast, Saturday night's sunset was one of the best of the year.

4th of July is up next, with an outside chance of Hurricane Dalila coming for it. Hopefully this is the beginning of a Summer that is something special!

As always Bobby O. got his share. Photo by Thomas Green and


One of the most hard charging women's surfers in town, Devyn H., sliced more than overhead faces on her single fin during the swell.


Who's in there???


Give blood today because you never know when you might need some...


The Summer School's have begun. Yesterday in Newport


Congrats to all the CDMHS/NHHS Seniors, Ensign 8th graders and Newport El 6th graders on their graduations this week!

School's out for Summer!!


How to take up the entire boardwalk... In Newport.


Newport Dads Rule!!!


What another video??? Yep!

Click the image below to check out Newport photog Thomas Green's latest local video creation!


Newport's Skip Snead & T. C.'s mini-mes, excited about the movie! circa 2005


Have you caught some of the best waves you've ever surfed at Lowers?... But got frustrated with the crowd?

Click the image below to see a 3 minute short film by Norwell!

"Lowers: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly"

A typical weekend crowd walking down the trail to Lowers...


The 2013 June Gloom Southern Hemi Swell

The Wedge went XL. And FB and Instagram had 1000's of photos of it.

Okvist got one of the biggest waves of the swell. Pirdy ruled as usual.

Packs of Hurley riders showed.

Rob Machado caught a few waves at 32nd st

and NHHS held their surf team tryouts at 61st during the mega swell. And everyone lived...

Wedge Friday from below. Photo by Cozad


Code Red: South Ground Swell Watch 2013

It's coming, and it's going to swallow you up!!


Newport groms "Kid Creature" and friend took drastic measures to stop the never ending morning South Wind that Newport's been dealing with for the past few weeks!

They sacrificed a board on Monday! And.... it didn't work.



Word is the owner of Russell Surfboards, J.P., is a huge Sharks hockey fan, huge! Well the Sharks were knocked out of the Stanley Cup Finals by the Kings last night! This is a photo sent over by rabid King's fan Scott Roth for J.P. today. NewportSurfShots is just the messenger J.P.! Enjoy...


Unless you've been up at the crack of dawn, you have never seen how good this guy surfs! Originally from Catalina, Casey is usually in and out of the water somewhere between the Newport and Balboa Pier, before you've even rolled over in bed and checked your first surf cam in the morning. Then he's off to his job on the Catalina Flyer, and on with his day...

Casey's late morning session. 8:15am yesterday. In Newport.


Respected Newport Local and Wedge Legend Tim Burnham was bounced hard late yesterday afternoon at Wedge. Word is he was helped to the sand by those in the water, groms on the beach helped out, and then medical assistance was rendered by Newport's finest. Luckily initial x-rays showed that he's ok! Feel better soon Tim, and everyone be safe.


Tim Burnham and members of Newport's Tribe. Always there for each other to lend a helping hand.

Photos bottom: cozad/ Top: Sonny Kumukoa Monioz


Coaching the future of Newport...

(photo copyright cozad)


So you think you're a good surf photographer? Ha!Guess again!

Click the photo below...

Another perfect tack sharp photo... From NewportSurfShots.com


Back in the day what is now City Hall on 32nd St. used to be the police station. I know because at 14 years old I got thrown into a cell there with my wetsuit for not getting out of the water at Blackball. Anyway the building was later taken over by Newport's City government when the police station on Jamboree Blvd was built. Recently Newport completed it's new City Hall located near Fashion Island. And nobody is quite sure exactly what the land the old City Hall on 32nd St will be used for. This week the Newport Police Department has been using the building for tactical training purposes. So if you're driving by, and see Police and SWAT storming the old City Hall building, don't panic...

Newport's new parking meter enforcement team?? Yesterday outside the old City Hall..


This is what the beach looks like when a big set comes in at Wedge...

Photo by HB surf photog Daniel L Patten


A Swell means one thing... A Surfline swell Feature.

Click the foto below.

The comedy duo of Chad & Brophy, excited about the feature.


"Ah, honey, the money we've been saving to buy new furniture soon, may have to go elsewhere"... Last week, in Newport.


Yesterday was May 1st, and that day sucks in Newport every year! The boogie jetty, that always appears to have the best damn surf in Newport when sitting off the 44th st jetty, is no closed for the season. And The Wedge is now Blackballed from 10am - 5pm to boogie boarders and surfers..

There's swell today, go surf...

Photo copyright cozad


This is a Doctor from Carlsbad that showed up late one afternoon after a big storm out at Todos. There wasn't anyone else out there but our small group towing, and Parsons and Greg Long paddling. The doctor wanted to tow for his first time, but everyone's tow boards were set up for Regular Foots, and he was Goofy. He had never had a photo of himself surfing, and really really wanted one, so he decided to strap in and try and catch a little wave and try and ride swtichfoot. Somehow though he got whipped into this beast and rode it all the way to the inside. And he got a pretty good photo out of it. In fact he was so excited about it, that he somehow got it run on the front page of his home town's magazine. Really nice guy, but never saw him again out there.

(photo copyright cozad)


The Newport Surf Photog Onslaught

There's about to be an onslaught of surf photographers crawling all over Newport. You can feel it coming. It's been about 5 years since the last photog invasion, so it's about time, I guess. Caught You Ripping is one great new surf photo website that has recently launched locally, And I've consulted on another.

NewportSurfShots.com however isn't in the business of selling photos! Gave up on it years ago. This site's just here to present info that might on occasion be of importance to the Newport surf community. But on a larger visual and editorial scale than Facebook or Instagram offers. At times over the past decade this site has tried to support itself by selling images. But found it impossible. The 3 main reasons. One, within 6 months the surf photos will have saturated the market. Two, people will steal the photos off the internet. And three, the margin of profit per photo is extremely small and editing and uploading them takes too much time.

What NewportSurfShots.com would like to present however is 5 things that it's learned to live by when shooting Newport. Yes there's more, but these are the primarily ones new photogs should try and follow, when they can...

1. Wedge: Unless it's a big swell event. Don't post photos of the Wedge the same day they are taken.

2. School Yards: When shooting "School Yards" don't name it. And never show the playground in the foreground of the image.

3. River Jetties: You say you got an insane shot of River Jetties! No you didn't, it was taken somewhere else!

4. The Point: It should really only be featured when everyone shows up for big Souths. Don't ruin the place for the crew that checks the fickle place everyday.

5. The Newport Channel: Don't ever, ever release photos of the Channel during a big winter swell! Ever!

As far as The North Harbor entrance to El Mo, it's no man's land. The area takes care of itself. Shoot at your own risk.

NewportSurfShots.com would like to wish all the photogs about to desend on Newport this summer the best of luck. Happy shooting...

Go get em...


Where else can you get a boob job, a butt lift, and see a juggling act while driving home, all in the same day? Saturday afternoon, Baja.


Not real hollow, but real fun none the less. Yesterday, Thursday, in Baja.


Wed. April 17th

Newport's Summer C., Kate G., & Spain's Marta T. above. And Newport's Levi Prarie below. Tuesday in Baja...


April Fools!

Four local Newport surfers have reported contacting severe ear, nose or throat infections from surfing the shitpipe near 61st over the past week. And now the city of Newport in a move to derail any potential lawsuits from allowing the shit pipe to spew harmful bacteria into the local waters has halted their dredging project. Also as of late yesterday, and for the next 72 hours, the city has closed the water from 61st north to River Jetties. And from 61St. south to the 39th St jetty. A few signs were posted on the beach and lifeguard towers yesterday afternoon, and this morning the lifeguard surf report is reporting they will closely be patrolling the area. Those that were against this dredging project from the start knew this was bound to happen...

City sign posted yesterday afternoon at 45th St.


Local Newport surfer Ryan Price can usually be found surfing the streets north of 56th st most days. During the recent run of combo swells Ryan has been surfing next to the dredge pipe, that is spewing sludge from the Newport Shores canal. Ryan now reports that he has come down with a severe ear infection. After seeing his physician yesterday he was prescribed an antibiotic (to battle the bacteria) and a steroid (to reduce the painful inflammation that the bacteria is causing). If you or friends come down with similar infections from surfing near the shitpipe, please send over an email...

Good Newport, minus the bacteria. Last weekend, south of the "Sludge Bar".


Seals seem to be everywhere in town lately. On the jetties, in the surf, in the Bay. Researchers aren't exactly sure why a larger than normal percentage of the seal population are being found sick along our coast. But for you, the local surfer, know that seals are a California protected species. And it is against the law to touch or hinder their movement in any way.

Sunday this little guy was posted on the 52nd st jetty. He was cut about his face, and on the back of the head. The Seal Rescue organization in Laguna Canyon called the Pacific Marine Mammal Center was contacted, and they said they were full. If you have kids, it is a great place to take them to learn about these pretty cool creatures.... When Monday morning dawned, this little guy was gone.



Negotiating obstacles. @ 56th.

(Photo Copyright T. Cozad)


Newport Shore's residences were told last week at their association meeting that the West Newport Dredging Project was coming to a halt before the project was done. The Army Corps cited that it was soon to be nesting season for the California Lest Tern, an endangered bird, they say, the dredging project is trying to protect. It is now being reported however, that the city has decided to allow the Army Corps of Engineers to continue with the dredge project until March 31st. What does that mean to you, the local Newport surfer? You get to enjoy 2 more weeks of sludge being dumped off your coast!

Click the photo if you'd like to read Laylan Connelly's story about the project extension...

The 5 Million dollar bird. The California Lest Tern....


Combo season is right around the corner... In Newport


"Thanks for that"In Newport.


Today Newport Elementary starts their online charity auction. Local restaurant's, bars, businesses and services are on offer. Click the photo below and check out the goods. And help Newport's local elementary school out.

Pure Glass's Jim C. went all out again this year for Newport Elementary. He built a board for his daughter's classroom, and a board for the school's live auction to raise money for the Newport school.



I get offered to do projects. Most of which I turn down, because family time is what's important to me right now. One project I do hope to complete one day in the future however is a book on California piers. I have heli images of every pier from Point Conception to San Diego Harbor. And there's been a long standing offer to do a book with the photos, along with a write up on the history of each pier. Maybe one day... but for now the images just sit idol on a hard drive, or occasionally get thrown up here.

Guess the pier?


One of the stories last weekend in town was the surf. Combo swell, plus pristine conditions, equals good surf. I didn't shoot, but everyone else did! Without a doubt the photos will be flying all over Facebook, and Surfline.

The other story last weekend was the Arnette contest at Blackies. Yea, word was it was small. But Blackies is contestable when it's small, really. The Pro/Am was won by Cory Arrambide from Ventura. The 16 and under boys was won by Griffin Foy.

Tyler Gunter is coming off an ACL injury that occurred during this Hawaii winter. He's been out of the water rehabbing for the past 1 1/2 months, and is currently surfing in a knee brace. Having just got the ok to go back in the water, Sunday he surfed in the Arnette, and brought home a 3rd place finish in the Boys under 16.

Tyler, looking fit. Friday, in Newport.


Innovative, creative, out side the box ingenuity! The thing is a really cool idea! But with all due respect. Why?

Packing it in. In Newport.


Newport River surf grom Zach Granoff awaits the sunrise and his morning surf, and...

Newport surf grom Barron Banta reflects on his full day of surf at sunset... Yesterday in Costa Rica



"Ski Week" starts tomorrow for the local schools kids. And instead of them heading off to the snow. A lot of them usually head off to warm water. NHHS surf team students are off to Nicaragua. The NewportSurfShots.com camera is going to Costa Rica. So check back here next week for a few of the out of focus images you've come to expect from the Daily Hotshot.

Newport artist Mike Frank, with a picture of what NHHS students can expect to find in Nicaragua...


Don't Forget!!!

It's Valentine's Day

Love is in the air... In Newport.


What it should be called

The Shores Channel & Banning Ranch's Mud Disposal Beautification Project

Because it's doubtful that someone initiated a 5 million dollar project just for the birds.

Today the City of Newport's "Sand Replenishment" project is about to begin. And while the sediment that they are dumping offshore just north of the 56th jetty can potentially be unhealthily, within the Newport surf community there does not seem to be much of an outcry. Sand means a sandbar, right? Although with only 20,000 cubic yards of it being dumped, which isn't a lot, don't get your hopes too high.

Either way the crap coming out of the pipe is going to be highly questionable to say the least. And as a health care provider for over 25 years, I'd recommend not surfing the area as the pipe is actively spewing the marsh sediment. And if you do, shower afterward. Get to your doctor if you experience sinus, ear or urinary tract infection, or have nausea and vomiting. And most important. Clean all your open cuts with hydrogen peroxide after your surf. Necrotizing Fasciitis (flesh eating bacteria) can be found anywhere there are a mixture of unique pathogens.

Click the photo below for Laylan Connelly's excellent O.C. Register article on the Dumping Project.


Da Pipeline... comes to Newport


The City of Newport Beach's Sand Replenishment project.

February 2013

The City of Newport Beach is about to undertake what they are calling a Sand Replenishment Project, again. But to be honest what they actually appear to be doing is clearing the area around the Newport Shores channel, which the resident there have rightly been asking the city to do for some time. And then trucking the contaminated sediment to a landfill in Orange. And dumping the rest of the sludge, or that which they deem suitable for human contact, 1000 feet offshore at 60th St. Don't get too excited however. They aren't pumping a lot of "sand" offshore. They are pumping it for less than a week. So in no way will there be the sandbar we got at River Jetties in the summer of 1992 from that sand project.

We've dealt with projects like this in the past in Newport. Going so far as to having to hire an environmental attorney in 2004 to prevent the city from filling in the jetties. Personally, I have a bit of reservations about this project, now that I know the scope of it. Because the goal really isn't to replenish the beach. It's just a way for the city to get rid of the sediment in the Marsh. Possibly at the expense of the surf community's health. But this website isn't about what I think. It's here to present info. Below are a few of the facts about the project as they are now known. Laylan Connelly from the O.C. Register is researching the project further. Her story will be in a forethcoming article, and the surfing community will then have a better understanding of what the Army Corps of Engineers is exactly doing beginning Thursday. Until then, here are 2 sides of this project's story.

The City of Newport Beach's stated project...

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Los Angeles District (Corps), has hired a contractor to remove sediment along the channels in the Santa Ana River Marsh (Marsh). The project will restore design channel depths to improve circulation and tidal flushing - both necessary to maintain the salt marsh habitat which includes many endangered species.

The Corps' project also includes a beach sand replenishment component. Good quality sand will be pumped through a pipeline to the nearshore, located 1,000 feet offshore from 60th Street. The sands have been thoroughly tested and approved by EPA for placement in the nearshore environment. Area residents and beach visitors will see that a temporary pipeline is in place and runs from the Marsh parallel to the Santa Ana River, then down along the beach and through the surf zone to the approved nearshore disposal location. Sand pumping will begin February 11 (now said to be Feb 13th) and continue for about two weeks. The temporary pipe is expected to be removed during the week of February 25.

Sediment not compatible for beach replenishment will be excavated and disposed of at an upland landfill. The California least tern island within the Marsh will also be cleared of weedy vegetation to improve the nesting habitat of this endangered species.

The proposed dredging and excavation is scheduled to be completed by the end of March 2013.

The Opposition to the project. Written by longtime resident Barbara De La Pena.

I've read (states Barbara De La Pena) the EA, and the samples for bacterial contamination and toxic chemicals was done in 2010 and 11. The bacterial contaminates only measured enterococcus. A two year old and 3 year old clean bill of health is not okay. I (Barbara) spoke with a vet with a masters in public health and she said there was a plethora or other bacterial and viral pathogens that could come from this. The EA said that none of the dredged material was suitable for direct beach replenishments and only 2 areas out of the 7 sampled 3 years ago were even suitable for offshore deposit.

I'm not convinced (says Barbara) that the dredge operator will delineate between the 7 areas with precision. When I (Barabra) spoke with the director of public works today he told me that they would "average" the dredging areas! Which was not reassuring. He also said if I was that concerned, to "go swim in another beach". Which I found personally offensive and not reassuring. The stated daily quality control sample is not enough, especially considering the high bird population in the least tern nesting area. Additionally, the homeowners were supposed to have been notified 14 days prior to the commencement of work. None of the beachfront residents in the area knew anything but this project however.

Please look for the O.C. Register article with more detail about this project. Check back here for more info. about the project. Stay informed as best you can about this project. And please spread the word!

Santa Ana River Marsh Project History

The 92-acre salt marsh restoration is located near the mouth of the Santa Ana River in Newport Beach, just upstream of Pacific Coast Highway and east of the Greenville-Banning Channel levee.

The marsh restoration was completed in 1991, providing eight acres of mitigation for project construction on the Lower Santa Ana River and creating new and improved habitat for wetland-dependent species. The restoration included grading and installation of tide gates to improve tidal flushing and create habitat for the endangered light-footed clapper rail and Belding’s Savannah sparrow. Since initial construction and the present, about 60,000 cubic yards of sedimentation has occurred within the lower marsh. This sedimentation reduces the tidal prism and reduces tidal circulation. The re-dredging of the lower parcel, part of the 2013 marsh restoration, will remove the sedimentation and restore tidal circulation.


Back in the 60's and 70's all along the beach of Newport, stretching from the Wedge to River, there were these really really tall poles positioned every one mile in the sand. And on top of these really tall poles were yellow diamond shaped reflective signs pointed towards the ocean. These were "Mile Markers", that boaters could use offshore to gauge a traveled distance. And then sometime in the late 70's they were removed from the beach. The "Mile Markers" were kinda of cool to have for us kids, because we could figure out how far we rode our bike, walked, or ran along the beach. Or determine how far away something was.

Not sure how far the Wedge is from here, but whatever it is, the wave still looks really hollow.

Shot from the Newport Pier.


This month Hurley ran a 10 page ad in one of the surf magazines!

Their in house photogs are obviously happy about that! In Newport.



Surfllne's "Best Bet" this month is Baja. Good call! It's also sorta the best bet for March, April, May, June, July, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov...

If you haven't seen the Baja feature, click the photo below.


Baja breks a little in December too... Rusty Long, Baja.


In actually pretty fun and glassy little afternoon surf. Newport's Micheal Bond won both the NSSA Jr. Middle School and NSSA Jr. High School Longboard divisions last Saturday at 54th...

Newport's M. Bond, and the fruit of his labors... Saturday @ 54th.


I had to pull out some images for a Baja feature someone is putting together, and I came across the image below. This was taken in 2005, and was the first time I'd been out to Todos to shoot. The swell was the biggest anyone could remember. 20ft @ 20 seconds. Everywhere was huge!! I called Corky Crandel up not knowing him, and asked if I could get on his boat. Surprisingly he said yes, and we've been good friends since. We left Todos after a few hours, and I was kinda bummed about it, and we headed to this place. It was one of the best decisions I've seen Corky make! This place was incredible! The waves were so big and perfect, they didn't seem real. 20ft bombs outside, and waves going inside out on the inside. This is Damien Hobgood, nabbing one of the inside bubbles. Surprisingly it ended up being a center spread in Surfer magazine, which is pretty unheard of for my junk. The main reason I've saved all my photo dollars over the years and bought a ski and sled, is so I can be ready when a day like this happens again at this spot. If and when if does happen again, I really hope I'm there.

D. Hobgood. Baja...


It's never to early to start teaching them? In Newport.


The thing about shooting Geoff Moysa is he throws so much water with each turn you can never get the whole big fan of spray in the frame.

So you gotta move way back!

Moysa at 27th st. on Monday, doing one of his firehose imitations. Shot from PCH.


The Pirdy Maverick's video during the contest weekend is out. If you haven't seen it yet....

Click the photo below.

5:50am. Half Moon Bay. Spencer P. Prepares for action...

Video by Daniel Shea. Shorescrew.com


One of the bigger waves surfed over the past few days. In Newport.


Surf Check. Yesterday morning in Newport


There was a couple hour window yesterday morning, when the wind laid down enough to make the accompanying windswell, kinda ridable. And if you didn't mind the cold water and chill in the air, it was actually kinda fun. By mid morning however the wind cranked back up, and Newport went back to being a winter time mess.

Boosting before the midmorning mess. Yesterday in Newport.


Norwell (Motorcycle Dave)

About 7 years ago a mysterious guy showed up in Newport. He moved to the Oceanfront at 54th st, and spent his days filming surfing out front of his house, and nights editing the footage into surf videos. He would hunker down low in the sand far down the beach, with his headphones and a hoody on when shooting. And would pretend he couldn't hear anyone when people came up to him, or mumble that he didn't speak English when people tried to talk to him. He was as reclusive as a person can get.

Eventually this guy started submitting surf videos to NewportSurfShots.com. And we became friends. He was one of the most creative people I've ever met, and although he called himself "Dave Smith", and I got bits and pieces of his life story, I'm still not sure if much of it was true, and doubt that Dave was really his name. My take on him... He was a very intelligent entrepreneur that made a lot of money during the internet boom, and for totally legitimate personal reasons, decided to flush his old life away, head out West, and quietly disappear in California. But after a while, "Dave" and his surf videos started to gain notoriety, which he didn't want. And he turned his energy to shooting Formula One racing. And moved out of the state, and has been traveling the world for the past few years making racing videos.

The last time I saw him... In the Fall of 2007, forecast charts looked like there was going to be solid combo swells and howling offshore winds! I contacted Dave, and he drove his motorcycle, with his camera gear, 6 hours to Newport from his new out of state home. He then posted up on my couch and shot for 3 days straight. The video that he produced of that swell was one of the best. And will long represent Newport surfing at it's finest. Click the photo below to relive those days.

Well, word is Norwell is back! Not in this area. But at another high octane surf city on the West Coast. And hopefully he'll visit, and document Newport again one day when it turns on.

Norwell, undercover, as always...


Trying to think back on the year 2012. What is one of the most significant things that happened in the Newport surf community during the year? Is it the bombing summer swell where Newport's own ruled the Wedge over Jamie OBrien's publicity stunt? Is it that the Fall season never really produced even one offshore day? Is it the Go Pro mania that continues to grip the Wedge? After much thought NewportSurfShots.com believes that the year 2012 was significantly and sadly marked by the numerous amount of great people we lost not just over the past 12 but over the past 18 months.. Russell, Carlos, B.G., M.A., Joe, Whitney,Tim... these are just a few of the local surf community heroes that have sadly passed away. With that... Good-bye to 2012. Bring on 2013, and bring on the waves!!! A Happy and Prosperous New Year to all.

The Sun Sets on 2012... Last weekend in Newport


Story Time

On 19th St. near the Bay there's a few very large 3 story homes. They are probably some of the tallest residents in Newport, as you cannot build anything near that height anymore. In one of those homes is a gentlemen by the name of Tom H. Tom has a long history in Newport. He and his wife raised a great son that I grew up with, Steve. Tom was a respected Newport Realtor for decades. And Tom was president of a Peninsula Home Owners Association for many years.

When Tom was a young boy he used to travel from his home inland to Newport on the bus. He would come to Newport often, as he really enjoyed fishing on the public dock that's located on the bay at 19th street. During that time Tom became good friends with a local man who owned a home in the area. Tom and the man spent many a day on the dock, fishing poles in hand, waiting for a bite.

Sadly one day the man died. And Tom, who was a teenager at the time, was sad that he had lost his fishing friend. And very surprised to learn that the man had left Tom his house in his Will! The tall house on 19th St., that Tom has now lived in for most of his life.

Moral of the story. Be kind to your elders. They may give you a house... Yesterday in Newport.


Surf Photographer Mike Moir. An absolute fricken legend!! In Newport


Yeah, there was some surf this pre-Holiday weekend. But the big story in town was Friday's Sunset, and Saturday morning's Sunrise. Both of which many have said were some of the best the year. But the best part about the weekend, was that the world didn't end.

Friday's Sunset from above and...

Saturday's Sunrise from below... In Newport.


For as long as anyone can remember. The Newport Beach Police Dept. flew Santa to local schools for a visit every year. This tradition went back many, many decades! For the past 2 years however, this has not been the case, no Santa visit! Why you ask? The City of Newport got rid of their helicopter a few years ago. Obviously in an attempt to save money. And now pull Huntington's heli into the area when needed.


Gone but not forgotten. Santa & Miss Claus... In Newport.


Between storms. Yesterday, off Newport.


Newport was under water yesterday! Well sort of... 20th St. and Bay was pretty submerged, and was being pumped out by the city. And 26th and Balboa was about the deepest. Beyond that it was all media hype as 3 news helicopters buzzed the area yesterday morning looking for flooding from the highest tide of the year. A 7.2.

It's not the Wedge, but at least the city doesn't BlackBall it, yet. Yesterday in Newport...

Copyright Cozad


J + L + B = 3

She's the queen of surf media for Orange County. And if you don't know her, or recognize her name, Laylan Connelly, without a doubt you've read her informative surf related articles on the O.C. Register website, on OrangeCounty.com, or in the O.C. Register Newspaper. Or maybe you've heard her on a local radio show, or caught a glimpse of her on a local cable news channel. Laylan produces surf and local beach related content that rivals Surfline, everyday. And she does it alone. And does it extremely well!

NewportSurfShots.com doesn't get many scoops, in fact it gets none! But Laylan has humored me, and given me this one. Laylan Connelly and her beau, standout local longboarder Jon Perino, are expecting a baby! And word is it's a boy! Congratulations to them both!!

Jon + Laylan + Baby makes 3.... In Newport.


Airing, over Newport...



For the past 6 years I've tried to be down at Todos Santos off Ensenada with Corky Crandal for the biggest swell of each year. And while I knew last weekend's swell wasn't going to be the monster I was looking for, I wanted to go and rinse the cobwebs off my ski, and get Bobby Okvist down there so he could get used to the wave. Friday arrived, and we set off to meet Corky and his crew of 5. The plan was to tow a beach break in the morning, and hit Todos in the afternoon, when the tide dropped and the swell peaked.

Saturday morning dawned and Todos charger Clay Crandal awoke with a fever, and sick as a dog. Big wave charger Cameron Faris awoke with a sore knee from towing the day before. And the waves, while giant at the beachbreaks, were walled, and on the verge of being blown out. So while everyone was up for going home, I pushed on with the fact that we were down there and we should go out to the island regardless.

The plan was to have a nice bunch at the Harbor, and then head off to the island with the boat and 2 skis. Soon after lunch is when things fell apart! Cameron was out, his knee was even more of a wreck now. And although I tried to pump Clay with Advil all morning, he was feeling no better. They headed home. The rest of the crew humored me by going through the motions of launching the boat, although nobody thought it was a good idea. By now the ocean surface was whitecapped. Regardless when everything was in the water, and we were about to leave... All the guys I needed to shoot came in! Greg Long was first, and said it was a waste of time out there. "Had been blown since morning". Next up was the god of big wave surfing photography, Rob Brown, and his super photo boat. Rob always travels with a crew of big wave stars. This time there was around 9 of of them which included Peter Mel and a Hawaiian crew. He smirked, and said it was now worthless out there. Regardless I pushed the issue. "Let's press on"! And as we headed out of the harbor into what now seemed like crazy white capping gale force winds, my heart sank. Waves started crashing over the bow of the boat, trying to flood it... We had to turn back, Todos, or anywhere else for that matter, was not to be. I was skunked! And while I was bummed, I knew it was bound to happen one day. I get the occasional big wave photo, but I'm no Rob Brown.

Look for photo guru Rob Brown's images soon. I'm sure they'll end up somewhere on Surfline.

Bobby O went to get a few bombs in Baja, and all he got were these blankets.


There's swell. Go Surf!!


Ghetto Juice Magazine is flying into local core surf shops today and tomorrow! Get one!

Ratty, Brophy, Jared (who has a shot in this month's issue) & Tanner. Waiting for the Juice.




It's been a while since NewportSurfShots.com has upset somebody..

So here goes....

Da Kine Newport charger, Richard, charging Newport...


Gone Surfing....


Skip Snead, directing grom traffic. In Newport.


All retirees eventually end up at Blackies. The Ex-Presidents in Newport._____________

Last night's URT Spook Session at Blackies....

Newport lifeguard and surfer Ross Sinclair and freinds, trying to scare you!


Blackies Annual Surf Costume event went off again this year, and was bigger and better than ever. Great costumes showed up in the water, great free food was served, and great trophies were awarded. A huge thanks to Blackies Surf Classics that supplies the awards, shirts and judges. Art In Motion Surfboards that supplied the food, Bill Spurgeon that coordinated everyone's efforts, and all the volunteers that made the event happen.

Click the photo below for more info on the event...

Good luck dropping in on Chief Pedlow...

Gene Simmons...

And Beetle Juice were happy to be there... Saturday, in Newport


Something in Newport was missing yesterday. NW swell, present. SW swell, present. SSE swell.... SSE swell! A no show! Late morning the SE Tropical Swell did start to slowly creep in however, but by then the wind was on it, and everyone was already more than satisfied with their morning combo swell session. After 9 years of shooting, I've found September and October are pretty much the only time of year worth shooting surf photos in Newport. So expect a lot more images to come in the weeks ahead.

Waiting for Miriam...

Riley Peterson waits for her above the lip


It was supposed to show

It was supposed to show! The Shuttle Endeavor! Some of the news channels had on their websites the Shuttle's flight path, which took it over Disneyland, and then had it heading a little south, over Newport. A local paper had the Shuttle going over Huntington for sure. And an hour before the shuttle flew over Disneyland, KCBS News had live on tv their Exclusive updated route, which showed it going over Irvine and then traveling up the coast right past Newport. So there we stood waiting for it to go by, Bill Sharp and myself, with enough camera equipment to cover a Space Shuttle liftoff. And then we saw it! Flying high and proud. Only thing, it was a spec in the sky, about 5 miles north of Newport. And unless you had binoculars, or a giant camera lens, people in Newport, and Huntington for that matter, missed seeing it! Oh well, maybe next time...

The Shuttle, as seen from Newport, with superman vision...


Ghetto Juice 15

Today it gets released to the masses. Look for it in a hard core surf shop near you.

Newport's Bobby O. is on a roll. He's on this month's Ghetto Juice magazine cover. There's a feature coming out on him in Blisss magazine soon. He leaves for Bali in a few weeks to surf the Oakley Surf Shop Challenge finals... And he's on the Daily Hotshot. Well the last thing is pretty lame, but the rest are huge!! Congrats!

Bobby, all smiles... At Todos.


Jared Mel caught more waves than just about anyone else out the other day, with the exception of maybe Tanner P.... And Jared loved this board! In fact he had just glassed over the side bite FCS plugs, so that he could ride it in an upcoming Joel Tudor single fin event. Soon after this wave, he had to leave, so caught one more wave in, and unfortunately broke it. Who the heck breaks super thick and heavily glassed old school boards? Jared does... Last Monday.


Warning: Don't run on it, don't walk on it, don't dive off of it, don't jump off of it, in fact don't even touch it.. If your a fisherman however, feel free to climb all over it and cast your hooks towards the surfers. Lower Jetties, Newport.

(copyright cozad)


Girls just wanna have fun.... Mother and Daughter - Sano


If you were at Wedge last weekend, you saw it. A remote control helicopter with a what looked like a 5D camera on board. Some where waiting for Newport master mind Dale Kobetich to show up with his camera heli, and shoot this one out of the sky! Word is the remote control heli went down in the line-up late last weekend, floated for a minute on it's little pontoons, while those in the line-up looked on. And then sunk to the ocean floor... Ouch!

R.I.P. little heli...


To The People Of The Great Inland Empires. Summer Is Over. You Will Be Missed!



Newport regular Jon Perino, dodging the afternoon North wind... Sunday, South County


Fall begins September 23rd

Somebody wake me up when it gets here.... In Newport.


If you have kids, you've been through this!

There's no easy way out. In Newport



Summerime is fun time. Yesterday afternoon @ Doho.


Saturday morning Newport local Marc Kaiser was sitting in his city trash truck at the stop light at 32nd and Balboa Blvd when his city vehicle was hit. A car ran into the truck and instead of stopping, sped off down 32nd, a one-way street. The thing is, when the car struck the truck, the hit and run car's license plate fell off. And when they tore off down the one way street, they were met by a Newport Beaach Police car. You know it's Summer in Newport when stupid people show up in town and do stupid things.

Marc Kaiser and his hit and run souvenir...Saturday in Newport.


Somewhere in this barrel are 8 GoPros, 3 SPL Waterhousings, and one Sony waterproof digi cam all trying to get the tube shot...




You know we're in the flat spell from hell, when lame photos like this start getting postted...

A girl and her dog... In Newport.



"Shooting the Pier"

The Newport Pier is one of the most challenging piers to shoot when surfing. The pilings have the standard sharp barnacles hanging from them, but those pilings are spaced extremely close together and in very narrow rows. Plus the pilings are drilled into a deep spot in the ocean floor. So that although it looks like you're going to have a good run through the pier, the wave hits that deep spot and often disappears, leaving you with little forward momentum to carry you all the through the pier.

Newport Pier regular Aaron Cervantes prepares for a possible piling impact!


Waiting, Waiting, Waiting, for the swells of Summer.... In Newport


For the past year I've sat on the fence about the Go Pro. Don't own one. Never even touched or picked one up. But after meeting up with Master Mind Dale Kobetich yesterday and frothing over his latest creation, I too am now jumping into the game. The Follow the Surfer photos that I've messed around shooting for years, just got a huge shot of adrenaline in the arm!!!

Decades ago Master Dale Kobetich developed the Pistol Grip for waterhousings. It only makes sense that he's now come up with one for the Go Pro. Get a hold of Dale and get one! dale.kobetich@gmail.com 1-714-554-0648


Texting & Driving don't mix...

2:05am, yesterday morning, in Newport.



An idea from our nieghbors...

Last weekend HB had their annual Duck-A-Thon. People bought little rubber ducks starting at just $10.00, and then the thousands of duckies were dropped over the side of the pier. With the first 60 making it to the beach winning a prize. The First Place Prize, $1,000. The proceeds of this fundraiser goes to the Huntington Beach Community Clinic. Over the years this event has raised millions of dollars. Now heck Newport has 2 piers! There's got be something we can throw over the side of one of our piers to raise a little money for a local cause too...


And you thought those things you step on and then you feel them slither away under your feet were just little tiny sandsharks... Last week, in Newport.



On Wednesday morning the restaurant at the end of the Newport Pier was giving away free bottles of tanning oil and beer! And once word got out every surfer in town showed up!

Or maybe this is a photo of the 168 Newport Fire Fighter candidates walking to the end of the pier to take their swim test... Either way, this was Wednesday . in Newport.



Luanada Bay, Fort Point S.F., Seaside Oregon...

Those notorious locals wouldn't be so tough if you rolled up in this rig.

Hanging with the fuzz on the West Coast....


This guy is the Navy Seal of "Meter Maids". He's been around for years and is super stealth! His specialty is cruising around on his bike, sneaking up on your car, writing you a parking ticket, and quietly slithering away, before you even know what happened. He's really good at his job! And that unfortunately is really bad for you! This South Swell season, people that pull up to check the surf at 46th. Watch for him!

Just because these guys are now all dolled up in sleek new Hawaiian shirts, doesn't mean they're going to be any nicer when it comes to writing you a ticket. Their Aloha Spirit, will ruin your day. 46h St. in Newport


A Whale of a good time....

There was a bit of activity off the waters of Newport yesterday. Whales, and many of them. Around mid morning it seemed like there was a steady stream of the beasts slowly heading north, right off the coast. The interesting thing however was how close they were to shore. Much closer than many had ever seen before.

While this photo will never make the cover of National Geographic, it does give you an idea of how close offshore the whales were on Tuesday.



Ok, so not everyone is at risk. Yesterday afternoon in Baja...


Dano, making the world a happier place. One surfboard at a time. In Newport....


To Heli or not to Heli

Last weekend we were busy planning a heli mission for Orange County. We've been wanting to capture solid combo lines filling in up and down the coast for years. And all indications were that Monday, April 2nd, was going to be the day. So after 3 days of planning, new equipment bought and rented. And one very long sleepless night... We were greeted Monday morning with far less Southern Hemi in the water than we had hoped for. And after looking at it, and getting all the intel I possible could... We chose to pull the plug on the project just as I was getting off the freeway to the airport. Word is there was someone however buzzing around the Orange County coast shooting from a heli that day. It wasn't me. But good luck with that....

Kirk Blackman always knows where to go, and what to do when he gets there. Monday, In Newport.


You're no Fool...

April 1st of last year on NewportSurfShots.com people were told that they could buy ad space on the new trash cans that were just placed on the beaches of Newport. Dozens of companies contacted the e-mail account that was set up for them to obtain an application. The year before that, on April 1st, it was noted that 28th St. had a world class sandbar from all the new sand the city had just dumped. The Newport Lifeguard Dept. then described how good the new sandbar was on their morning surf report. Loads of people fell for it.

For the past 7 years NewportSurfShots.com has done an April Fools joke. This year the below flyer was developed. And because of it. The Wedge crew went pretty ballistic. So much so that I had to let them in on the joke Sunday afternoon, as some of their essays about the contest on Facebook were beginning to take on a bit of a hostile tone. The Newport Lifeguard Dept. received an e-mail from a concerned resident inquiring about the contest early Sunday morning, and unfortunately figured it out it was an April Fools joke pretty quickly, damn . And the City of Newport... Well Newport's Recreation Supervisor sent an email to Skip Snead and myself, which was also CC'd to 5 heads of the city. It stated that.."We have had some concerned residents asking if the City has approved this event", and "the event being advertised is not authorized and will not be allowed to occur should it be attempted".

So this year, as in years past, the April Fools joke did its job. If you were one of them that fell for it, sorry, you should have learned. This will however be the last year that any type of April Fools joke will take place on NewportSurfShots.com, so just don't be expecting one next year...

Thanks to Analog's Geoff Moysa, Ghetto Juice's Skip Snead. And Board Recycler's Lorin Ely-McGregor, who put the flyer together.



Yesterday around 7:45am a pretty spectacular rainbow appeared. It's brigrs appeared to begin directly off the coast of Newport, and the arch of it very faintly sank towards the shores of Huntington. And in a little over 10 minutes, it was all but gone...

No pot of gold here... just a lumpy little windswell. Yesterday morning n Newport


If you like drained out, mixed up, low tide combo swell, with the occasional gem slipping through... Then you liked yesterday.


Every surf spot has it's dedicated crew... This is part of Blackies.


The ultimate off-road surf vehicle! Yesterday in Newport.

The Story: A gentleman from Oregon, and his horse, came to visit his daughter, and decided to go for a ride on the beach...


Surprisingly yesterday morning, the windswell came up. The tide didn't bury it. The wind clocked pretty solid offshore. And it was actually pretty fun in certain spots around town. If you didn't mind frigid water and Red Tide. But by noon the surf vanished with the tide, onshore wind tore what was left to pieces, and Newport went back, to being Newport.

Happy Faces... Yesterday, in Newport...


Some are excited to surf Newport! And some dread the thought, and bury their head in the sand...



Iconic figure Sean Collin's Memorial Paddleout was going to be extremely well attended. So the morning of it I got up early and dropped my ski in the Harbor, and planned on driving it up to H.B. to shoot it. Shooting a Paddleout from a ski isn't ideal, but I was told Sean would have appreciated having a photographer on one there, so I was really determined.

The morning of Sean's Paddleout the weather was really bizarre. Offshore winds, and a thick layer of fog hugged the coast. So I called the Newport Harbor Sheriff's Dept. and asked if I could follow their boat through the fog up to the Memorial. No go, they didn't think they were going to be able to make it.

Clay Crandal was already going on the ski with me. So with my GPS, and Clay's ability to easily navigate his way through a typhoon, a hurricane, and a tsunami, all in the dark of night, I figured the fog wouldn't be a problem. Funny thing was, when we got to the Paddleout, the L.A. County Sheriff's boat was ready to kick us out of the area, asking Clay sternly, "How many times have you actually driven a ski with 500 people in the water"? Clay's response, "Never, but I've driven one in 60 ft waves". That quieted the Sheriffs pretty quickly.

That afternoon when we got back to Newport, Clay headed home, and I started unloading. For some reason I took my lenses out of the waterproof case and just set them on the dock. Hell, I'd been chasing a swell up and down the coast and hadn't slept much in days, so I wasn't thinking I guess... Anyway, as I stepped onto the dock, I heard 2 small thuds, and turned just in time to watch both of the lenses fall over, and roll straight into the bay. Of coarse I dove in after them, but it was fruitless. $3000.00 in lenses, destroyed. No doubt Sean was looking down from the heavens, getting a good chuckle out of that one. But at least I got some good photos for Surfline, right? Well it took me longer than I had expected to put the ski away, and I missed the photo deadline... Sometimes, you just have one of those days.

The most expensive fish bowl you'll ever see. Please don't try this at home...


NewportSurfShots.com Swell Forecast...

The current swell peaked overnight. Or maybe it didn't. The current swell is too West and it will be walled. Or maybe it won't. The fog will move back in this morning. Or maybe not.

There will be fog for Friday's swell... Or it might be clear. There will be south wind Friday morning. Or there might be no wind at all.


Just go surf!


Who knew lit Christmas Tress grew on the beaches of Newport...

Last night... In Newport


Sunday evening, at the end of the 2011 Newport Harbor Christmas Boat Parade, the city had a brief yet pretty spectacular fireworks show, which

was fired off the end of the Balboa Pier... Not sure how the city afforded such a thing, but it was pretty cool none the less...


Raining fire down on the Balboa Pavilion @ The 2011 Christmas Boat Parade.

(Photos Copyright Cozad)


Dale Kobetich is at it again... Then again he's always at it, pushing the envelope to get images that no one else would even think of getting.

Check out his recent UAC (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) shoot as it takes flight over Laguna. Click the photo below.

"Don't even think of getting that UAC thing in my way"



It's almost December right? Yet 80 degree weather and combo surf which included a bit of hurricane swell lit up the coast the past

4 days. A lot of people were out of town, and those that weren't were undoubtedly in the water, somewhere. Someone counted 138 people in

the surf between the pier and 28th St. on Thursday! It you got some you scored, if not, supposedly there's more on the way...

Fowler & Hoyer squeeze one more in before the end of a long holiday weekend... Yesterday in Newport.


Surfing can be hazardous... to your teeth! Saturday in Newport.



Chiron, successfully dodges the Beast... In Newport


"Sometimes it gets good".


Helmet Cam, Pole Cam, Board Cam...

Oral Cam... Sunday in Newport.


There's nothing better than the weekend crowd at Blackies.... Last weekend, in Newport

(Photo by Laylan Connelly)


"I guess who needs another photo, of another pro, doing another air?" In Newport.


"Birthday Wishes"

For years my wife and kids have asked when they'll have a photo up on the HotShot. "One day" is all I can come up with. Well my wife has been surfing now for a little over 4 years, and is a frothing grom. She surfs just about every day, and loves it. And we often surf together, even the really small horrible days when no ones out. And we have the time of our lives. As long as I don't drop in on her, it's all good.

Well, today is my wife's birthday... So I snapped a photo of her and am putting it up here. Not just as a little birthday present to her, but because she's truly become a legitimate local waverider... Plus it's a lot cheaper than buying her jewelry for her birthday.

Happy Birthday, Booh!



Last weekend legendary surf photographer Art Brewer held photo seminars in both Huntington and Oceanside, and each event was well attended. I chose to get out of town and drove down to the Oceanside event. Once there, Canon loaned us the most expensive camera equipment they have, and we all shot a crew from San Clemente High School Surf Team. With 20 people pointing cameras at the water, people kept coming up asking "who the heck is out there"! "Obama bodysurfing" was all I could come up with.

Mr. Brewer is the master of the surf portrait, so I spent most of the day trying to set up shots of people as they exited the water, something you might see more of at times here... And if you do see your portrait here, please feel free to grab it off the page and do what you want with it.

SCHS in the water...

and out.


Close to the eye of the storm.. In Newport

(copyright cozad)


Dedicated to the sport of surfing!

Copyright Cozad



The Doho Longboard crew in training...

Don't try this at home... Sunday in South County



"I'm so stoked to be surfing for Newport Harbor!"... Yesterday in Newport


The Hurricane Hilary Mega Swell Hype has begun...

And please remember, when someone from out of town asks...

"It never breaks on the other side of the pier".




Newport Cancer survivor Jack Shimko did it again! Last year he paddled on his paddleboard 150 miles in the name of Cancer Research. This past week over 10 days he paddled 260 miles. Jack arrived to a cheering crowd on the beach at Blackies Saturday morning and an SUP racing event was held to benefit his cause...

Click the image below for Laylan's O.C. Register article of the event. Pretty amazing...

Not Saturday at Blackies...

(photo copyright T. Cozad)




A little sun, a little surf, a little warm water... and a lot of people.

Life long Newport local Clay Smith, enjoying the crowd in front of his house. Yesterday, in Newport.



In 2008, when this photo was taken, people were talking about having seen a lot of Rays out towards the end of the pier in the weeks leading up to the U.S. Open Of Surfing in H.B... Running through the images for Surfline's Women's feature of the event, I came across this... Kinda strange.



Look around... All kinds of creatures surf Newport.


Alex would ride it...

Summertime Blackies Locals....

Board: Dewey Dumpster Driver 5'2" X 28" X 28" X 28".


Really, you walked down the street with it in a Red Cup! In Newport.


"This could be a bumpy landing


Not everyone in town dislikes the new parking meters at Blackies.

The local bees love them... Yesterday.



The Wedding Blog...

My real dad was married 9 times. He would have been married many more, however he died pretty young, 46. Before he married each wife he had them sign a prenuptial agreement. And in that agreement it stated that his wife could not touch his car collection if they divorced. So guess what, he put any and all asserts he accumulated during the marriage into his car collection. So when they did divorce, she received virtually nothing. Sad yes, but pretty clever.

After seeing the chaos my dad went through, obviously I never wanted to marry. But then I meet my wife. And to this day marrying her has ended up being the single best decision that I've ever made. We've been married for 20 years. And I'm grateful that my life did not mimic my father's.

At my work I often come in contact with couples that have been married over 50 years. And I always ask, "What's the secret to a long marriage?" The most common answers are... Don't go to bed mad at your spouse. Get used to the fact that you are not always right. Don't always put yourself first. And laugh a lot together. Wise advice to be sure.

The Photo Below...

A charity organization contacted me last year about shooting a model surfing in a wedding dress. The charity collected donated wedding dresses and shipped them to impoverished Third World countries. The year before they had shot someone snowboarding in a dress. And for their current year advertising campaign they wanted someone surfing in a wedding dress. So I donated my time, and met up with them. If they wanted to ruin an $800.00 wedding dress, so I could get photos of it, I was all for it.

The problem with the shoot however was that once the dress got wet, it weighed around 30 pounds, and the model, who surfed, didn't have the strength to stand up in it. Non-the-less, we did get some interesting images, and I'm told the advertising campaign was a success.


In love with surfing...in Newport

Not Kate Middleton...



Red Tags and $8,000 Fines: Newport Beach Considering Partying Ordinance

Info on Newport's proposed new ordinance, aimed at taming the city's 4th of July mayhem, is being spread all over the internet. And people all around town are talking about it. Has the city actually come up with an idea to control the mayhem. Don't hold your breath.

Click the image below for info on the possible ordinance.

Under the new ordinance, this is really going to cost you!

(photo copyright Cozad)


This may hurt a little...Yesterday in Newport


Valentine's Day (Don't forget)

Share a special sunset, with someone special... Yesterday in Newport.


Monday, Feb. 7th, 2011

About 5 years ago there was a swell... A swell with conditions like no other. Conditions that made Newport all time.

A swell that everyone will always remember .

A video of that swell has been quietly sitting around for years. Until Now...

Click the image below.

A Legendary Norwell Production.

Play Time in Newport...


Thursday, Dec. 18th, 2010

Nick Fowler, grabbing one more before dark...



Philip Cousteau filming for "Animal Planet" behind him, seals playing in front of him, and sharks lurking somewhere below...

Newport's Joey Head handles it all with style...


Taking a short walk to the pier... The "Board Cam" @ Blackies.


How did Grant "Twiggy" Baker win The Maverick's Surf Contest in 2006? By throwing himself over the ledge of beasts like this time after time...


Say good-bye to the surf of December, 2005...@ Todos

(photo copyright NewportSurfShots.com)


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Some have been saying that the clump of rocks off to the side of the 32nd St jetty is something new, and they shifted away from the jetty this year.

This photo shows that those rocks have always been there.. cozad, Circa 1985. Photo Chris Borkard




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